MeetMindful Review 2020: Conscious People Looking for Soulmates and Friends

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MeetMindful is a rather new dating platform, launched only in 2015. However, five years in such a competitive market is still a very promising indicator. Besides, even the name of the service already suggests that it is bringing something new to the audience — meeting mindful people. Mindful of what, exactly? Supposedly, this site should cater to long-term relationships, but as the users join, the website’s main purpose often switches.

Moreover, the site itself claims that ‘mindful,’ first of all, refers to healthy living and a mindful lifestyle. So, what’s this whole new perk really about? Let’s see what MeetMindful has in store for us, and what kind of people should find this new dating platform useful.

Member activity and structure

Member activity and structure

The gender proportion on MeetMindful is somewhat unevenly skewed —with 70% of ladies over 30% of men. So, this could become a problem for a single woman looking to date. On the other hand, the website does not restrict their users’ relationship goals, and many members are actually looking for friends and pen-pals. Neither does this site restrict sexual orientations, welcoming straight and gay users alike. So, one’s dating success on this platform will mostly depend on what you’re hoping to find.

At the same time, the user database on MeetMindful already reached 300,000 people — most of which come from major US cities. Almost 250, 000 users are US city dwellers who are interested in mindful living and spiritual connections with like-minded people. When it comes to age ratio, most people are between 25 and 34 years old, even though it is possible to find dates outside this mainstream demographics.

How to sign up MeetMindful

MeetMindful offers a quick and easy log in with your Facebook profile. Choosing this option will save you a bit of time because both your profile pic and basic info can be automatically pulled from Facebook. But, even if you decide to register the old-fashioned way, it still will not take long.

The old-fashioned registration requires a valid email (later on, the site will send you a confirmation link). After confirming their email, new users are redirected to a series of the screen with questions about your goals for joining this website, people you expect to meet there, and some personal details. All in all, this phase should not take more than five minutes.

If you log in from Facebook and your FB profile is missing some vital info, you will still need to answer the same set of questions as if you registered with an email. It is also possible to skip this stage for later. Mind, however, that your profile will remain blank in such a case.

How to interact with other users?

Ever since Tinder revolutionized the online dating world, plenty of other sites use their logic to a certain extent. MeetMindful is not an exception, offering new users a set of prospective matches, which they can either like or skip. If you liked someone else’s profile, your pic would also be shown to this person, and you can then wait for their ‘verdict.’ The opposite is, quite logically, true — you may be shown users who have already liked your profile and are now waiting for your response.

Once both users liked each other’s profiles, they get a chance to message each other directly — free of charge. If you want to interact with someone who hasn’t liked you yet, you’ll need a paid, premium membership for that. Still, we believe that MeetMindful offers a pretty democratic user policy by allowing mutually interested people to interact without paying a single dime.

As for the actual matching logic, you adjust it in your profile settings. One of the first things site algorithms will consider is your location. Normally, they will show you people in your vicinity, but if you are ok with larger geographic areas, you can adjust this in your account settings. Obviously, your orientation, relationship goals, and qualities you would like to see in a partner are also taken into account.

What info can people add to their profiles?

What info can people add to their profiles

Quite a lot of it, actually — and the best part is, most profiles on this site are very detailed. The downside is that to fill out your account completely, you’ll need quite a lot of creativity. Most MeetMindful profile fields are no simple graphs with basic information, but rather essay questions. The approach is not exactly new — even though we would not call it widespread. Such a system allows one to fully express oneself and get some insight into other user’s minds even before engaging in direct communication. Besides, such a mindful profile logic falls with the main theme of the service, so take your time to consider profile answers.

All MeetMindful profiles have three distinct stages of completion. The first and most important one includes graphs with basic info. It can be automatically pulled from Facebook or quickly filled in when you just create your profile.

The second, aka surface, stage briefly explains what you hope to find with the website and states things you like and do not like. The third and final stage of profile completion includes answers to essay-like questions we mentioned above.

On MeetMindful, user profile pictures are visible to anyone for free, but most people do not rush to judge others by their looks alone. That is why — like we already mentioned — most essay questions are answered carefully, and people seem to pay more attention to other users’ personalities than their pics. All profile information can be changed later, so if you did not get your essay right the first time — no worries, you can rewrite.

It’s possible to add a total of six pictures to your profile, and we suggest you use all the allocated space. Even though people don’t seem to judge by appearances here, it’s still good to have a fully detailed profile for maximum expression.

Site design and app navigation

Since MeetMindful is a relatively new dating platform, no one should be surprised by a sleek and modern design of their website. The main design theme goes well with the site’s main audience — millennials living a mindful life. The colors are earthy and soothing, and the whole website creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

MeetMindful has a very minimalistic design with lots of spaces and carefully organized graphs. This reflects well on the total user experience, as well as the quality of site navigation. The functionality is simple, does not have too many flashy and distracting elements, while all essential features are easy to find. Even though the site clearly targets younger, tech-savvy demographics, they still make an emphasis on clear, uninterrupted user communication with minimal distractions.

Not surprisingly, site owners did think of coming up with a dedicated app. The latter is available both for iOS and Android and is 100% free to download. On the upside, the app features the same design and functionality as the main website. The downside, however, is that the app is slower and seems to have some bugs and glitches.

It also looks a bit cramped and heavy, with less space between the internal app elements. Surprisingly, the website loads faster on mobile and works better than the dedicated app version.

Well, we should probably give MeetMindful some time. After all, this platform is new, so the app may still be going through some bug fixes. Eventually, the developers should get it straight — at least, we hope so. For now, however, we recommend sticking to the browser version that works pretty well on mobile as well.

Basic vs. premium accounts: what's the difference

Basic vs. premium accounts: what’s the difference?

Even though we already praised MeetMindful for letting mutually-interested users communicate with one another for free, basic membership may not be enough for an active partner search. Free users can get only ten matching suggestions every day, and they can choose to like only three of the profiles they see. Besides, they cannot use an advanced match-making system that opens up quite a lot of possibilities and allows customizing your search for a perfect date.

However, free users still have access to important communication features, which is a big plus — and, if we’re completely frank — more than most other dating platforms can offer. Basic members can also register, complete their profile, and edit it any time they want, upload photos, see a full list of profiles they liked, etc.

Paid members can do all of the above, but they can also receive an unlimited number of matches every day. There is no limit on how many accounts they can like, either. Paid users can get in touch with anyone they like, without waiting for a mutual like. The previously described features are quite standard for paid subscriptions. As a bonus, paying users can also see a full list of people who liked them, browse anonymously and view several profiles they like, and get a priority line when contacting the support.

More on MeetMindful prices and special features

When it comes to prices, MeetMindful is not the cheapest platform out there, even though we would not call it very expensive either. It is possible to subscribe for just one week ($14) or a month ($29). However, going with a three- or six-months subscription is cheaper in the long run. The longer premium costs are $49 and $79, which drops monthly expenses to just $16 or $13, depending on the subscription type you choose. However, all payments are billed immediately, in one transfer.

Currently, MeetMindful only supports credit card payments. However, since this is a new site, we expect them to add more payment methods soon. It is possible to cancel the subscription any time, and even though this service does not offer any refunds, they do not force automatic auto-renewals either.

Whether you should get a premium subscription or not depends mostly on your goals and expectations from the dating service — along with how quickly you want to achieve those, of course. All in all, it is possible to do with ten matches and three likes a day — especially given the fact that free users can only communicate with mutually-interested people, which already saves you a world of trouble.

However, people who like to take a proactive approach in dating may benefit from a paid plan — especially given that it is not that expensive. Here are some other features paid MeetMindful users can benefit from:

Advanced search: here, you can add a variety of categories not included in the standard search. For example, you can add diet and inspiration preferences for your prospective matches, which gives a very good insight into your future partner’s personality and lifestyle.

  • See other premium users: sometimes, it’s good enough to know other people are determined to pay to find a good match. This shows their level of commitment to the search and how serious their intentions really are.
  • Chat with anyone: of course, the biggest advantage of going premium is that you can directly message any user you like — without waiting for the mutual like to happen. There is no guarantee that your message will get the reply, but sometimes taking a proactive approach pays off.
  • Viewing multiple profiles at once: with this feature, you get to see and compare several profiles at once. You can also save any accounts and get back to them later.

Takeaway on MeetMindful & its features

On the whole, it’s not a bad idea to have a website that targets people by lifestyle. After all, when searching for a great match, habits, and ways of thinking are incredibly important. So we give MeetMindful a heads up on a good idea. Also, we really enjoyed that they do allow some free communication means and appreciate the effort for developing and designing a sleek website. The app may have some bugs, but it remains usable. Finally, the prices are reasonable, while most profiles seem to be genuine and sincere. So, not a bad place for mindful people to find equally mindful dates or friends.