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Lovoo Review 2023

Lovoo Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 21-28
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Legit & Secured;
  • Most features on the Lovoo mobile app are available at no cost;
  • Available both on a desktop with a website and on a smartphone with an app;
  • Lovoo mobile apps can be downloaded both for an Android or an iOS device;
  • Affordable Premium subscription plan rates;
  • Quick Registration;
  • Free Signup.
  • Fake Profiles;
  • No space for the third gender in the registration form.

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What Do We Know About Lovoo?

Lovoo Review finds, ever since the inception of the Lovoo mobile app, it became a known name in the dating world. Launched in 2011, the social dating app turned the way the world looked at dating with its fresh and unique set of features and look. Lovoo online dating doesn’t keep any stones unturned to match up with the current trends and new demands of the youth. Its quick updates and cool new features are what attract and excite the new generation, which is the very reason the number of registered users on Luvoo has been growing over 70 million happily. And because there is no stopping that huge number, let us find out what causes the increasing popularity with the Lovoo Review.

For background knowledge on Lovoo dating, thanks to its crazy popularity, it got sold off to The Meet Group. In 2017, the group took ownership at a wholesome of 70 million dollars. And after the app was taken over, Lovoo hookup introduced quite some features for its users to keep things interesting. And looking at it after three years of its changed ownership, the change seems to have worked for it pretty well. Let us take a look at the Lovoo Review to find out what truly led to the craze.

What Do We Know About Lovoo?

Can Lovoo Be Trusted?

Lovoo hookup online is a safe dating website that follows all standard rules and regulations laid by the law for dating apps. The Lovoo Review confirms that the site takes privacy seriously and does neither use any information mentioned on the platform itself, nor does it leak outside on the internet. It makes sure that the users feel safe about their data on Lovoo. Which is why the popular dating app doesn’t even emphasize on taking much personal information for verification. The platform allows simple email verification. It does not accept any photo id verification, unlike many dating websites making the users feel comfortable about the information they share on Lovoo. But the users, because of the same reason, may not be 100% real, and thus, Lovoo always recommends to be careful with your personal information while sharing it with the users online.

How Can The Members On This Site Be Described?

How Can The Members On This Site Be Described?

Lovoo is a viral popular dating platform, and which is why the number of users on the app can only be described as massive. It doesn’t matter where the new user belongs from. Given the craze around the platform, the user will end up finding an ample amount of already existing members around him/her.

However, while doing the Lovoo Review we found the larger chunks of the user population coming from countries like Germany, Italy, etc. Along with the other European countries, we saw high numbers from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom as well. Although the numbers coming from other countries on the Lovoo app were not small either. In total, the registered user number on Lovoo crosses the mark of 7 million, which is why we couldn’t call the number anything but enormous.

The Sexuality Of the Members

Lovoo, unfortunately, is not a platform that promotes different sexual orientations. It instead does not even ask for the user’s sexual preference. Lovoo directly starts showing up people close to the member’s locality. Now that could be an excellent way to connect to people of all sexes and network, but dating requires proper mention of preferences. Because Lovoo does not indicate any such thing, members may write about their sexual orientation in the description. Although the chances to find people like that is difficult as the advanced search filter does not take different sexuality as an option. So Lovoo Review takes it that the website is useful for straight people, but one can use the vast user base to find someone of a different sexual orientation.

People Of Which Age Dominated the Site?

Men users across the globe dominate Lovoo. And while considering Lovoo Review we found out that the most number of men users on the dating app is found to be in the age group of 18 to 24 and 25 to 34. So we could conclude that it is the young men mostly, who rule the dating platform. Although, women on Lovoo count for 25% of the user base, which highlights the fact that the gender mix is not balanced on Lovoo. But while considering the popular age segments, we couldn’t help but notice that it was the same age groups in women amongst whom Lovoo is popular. The fasionable age segments brought us back to the fact that Lovoo is extremely popular amongst the millennials and youth.

How Can You Sign-Up As A New Member?

How Can You Sign-Up As A New Member?

The signup process on Lovoo is quick, easy, and, most importantly, free. Lovoo allows its users to register using two methods. One can either use the classic register with your email id method or choose to quickly get logged in using their Facebook account. Of course, using one’s Facebook account is comparatively faster and much easier to use on Lovoo, but even the email id method doesn’t take much time. All you are asked is to enter your email id along with your name, location, gender, and age to start with. The next step asks you again to enter your email id and set a password for your Lovoo account. And that’s it, and you are straight away taken to the homepage of Lovoo that shows you members in your area.

However, every user is asked to confirm his or her email id by verifying it. If you are using the Lovoo mobile app, then you might not be able to do anything on the app, not even enter without uploading a photograph on your Lovoo account. In most cases, the verification process stops here. Still, if Lovoo finds out a problem with the location and the IP address, then the platform may ask for additional SMS verification. Lovoo, after realizing a suspicious profile, becomes extra strict with it and does not allow the visibility without confirming a mobile number. The same level of moderation is experienced when a member on Lovoo reports your profile.

On the desktop version of Lovoo, one does not need to upload a photograph right away. The platform keeps notifying every new user to update and fill out the profile description till its done. And while you may plan to use it directly without putting much effort, sadly, Lovoo doesn’t allow it. You may not be barred directly from using Lovoo, but your profile doesn’t get shown to other members in your area in such a case.

What Is Required For Creating A Profile?

What Is Required For Creating A Profile?

To make things work, Lovoo has put in some conditions for the new users. For example, members need to fill up their profiles to view the profiles of other members they might be interested in on Lovoo. The same is the case with the gallery access, which can be received only when the user has uploaded a minimum of three photos on their Lovoo account. The rules are ethical and should have worked but, unfortunately, it doesn’t. The users on the platform seem to have found loopholes in the regulations and have worked around it. Firstly there is no process for checking whether the photographs being updated on the Lovoo account are real or fake. And secondly, despite the compulsion of filling out the description to view other profiles, many profiles on Lovoo are filled for the namesake just to pass the test. This affects the quality of the patterns to a vast extent. On the profile setup section, one is required to fill in a small description of oneself as about me. It is to tell the people why they should be attracted to you and inform them about what you are looking for.

How Can You Connect With Other Members?

Lovoo, as a popular dating app, has quite some ways of getting in touch with the people you find interesting. While messaging is a paid service, Lovoo does allow one ice-breaking message per user per day for free. But there are other ways of letting people know that you are interested in Lovoo as well, which are free as well. While one common way is sending hearts that show that notifies them of your interest, there is another way to set the message across on Lovoo.

And that is by simply adding them to your list of favorites. None of these things come at a cost, yet does your job. However, once you purchase a Lovoo premium subscription plan, not only you get to send as many messages as you want but to as many people as you like. But along with that, you open your door of possibilities as well because you get to see you recently viewed your profile and liked you.

Which Platforms Can You Use To Login?

Which Platforms Can You Use To Login?

The Site On the Computer Desktop

Lovoo is available to both the desktop users and the smartphone using youth. And while the Lovoo mobile app has its advantages, the desktop version of Lovoo is great to use as well. The app is simple although not very amazing at the looks. Accessing a web page on a big screen affects the experience of the user largely by giving a much bigger viewing space. Unlike on the app, the desktop version of Lovoo shows you many profiles at a time. Also accessing Lovoo from the desktop allows you to remove the history and saves you from the prying eyes if you want to keep things private.

Exploring the Dating Platform Through A Mobile App

The Lovoo app is extremely popular on both iOS and Android devices. Given the fact that Lovoo is mostly popular amongst the youth, the 7 million user mark can be reasoned. The numbers wouldn’t have reached such high without the presence of the Lovoo mobile app. The reason behind it is, today’s generation is addicted to phones. It proves why the Lovoo app is more used and popular than its desktop version. Free to download on any device, the Lovoo app is cool and convenient to use on smartphones.

How Does The Platform Look?

How Does The Platform Look?

The design of the Lovoo dating website is kept very simple and yet it gives a cool feeling for the youth audience the platform caters to. The colors on the Lovoo hookup app and website are the pastel shades of blue, pink, and yellow. Of course not to miss out white. The interface of Lovoo is kept interactive without being too complicated so that using the Lovoo dating platform is easy and understandable for global users. There are additional fun features that keep showing both on the Lovoo desktop version and the app from time to time for when there is a user nearby or online. The various visual features keep the Lovoo platform fun and interesting, a must need for keeping the youth entertained.

How Easily Can You Use The Platform?

The navigation on the Lovoo online website and the mobile app both are kept super simple. The very reason behind the huge popularity of the Lovoo dating app is its easy website layout and navigation. Despite coming from various locations, the users on Lovoo do not get lost. The features and functions are right in front of the user’s eyes to help them use and try each of them. The Lovoo navigation is designed in a way that the user himself/herself tries to explore the whole platform to its complete possibilities.

How Much Does Lovoo Cost?

How Much Does Lovoo Cost?

Lovoo hookup is fun for the youth because along with being a dating app it lets you earn a few cash. The user may use the cash to buy credit points that can further be used to present other users with virtual gifts. Many features require credits that can either be earned by various ways available on Lovoo or just buying them directly. Other than buying credits, Lovoo users may purchase the premium subscription plan to upgrade their standard account to a premium Lovoo account and avail a list of premium functions.

Lovoo Premium Subscription Rates For Plans

  • 1 month- $9.99
  • 3 months – $24.99
  • 6 months – $33.99
  • 12 months – $69.96

Lovoo Premium Subscription Rates For Credits

  • 300 credits – $3.49
  • 550 credits – $5.49
  • 2,500 credits – $17.00
  • 8,000 credits – $33.60

What Do You Need To Pay For?


Lovoo mobile app is popular because of many reasons, and one of the reasons causing the popularity is the large range of features that can be used on the platform for free. Features like advanced search filters, adding to favorite lists, sending hearts and one icebreaker message each day can be all availed for free on Lovoo. But that is not all, additional interesting Lovoo services like hosting and watching live streaming videos along with the very obvious registration also come at no extra cost.


Once you pay for a subscription plan the first thing you do is say goodbye to the advertisements on Lovoo. But that can’t be more, can it? You get the access to send as many ice breaking messages as you wish to along with availing features like incognito browsing and getting better reach. Paying also gives you access to a new world where one can see who has recently visited your profile, who likes you and sends you likes and hearts. Also, another unique feature that one can avail is Undo match in the match play area, so that you may change your option if done by mistake.

How To Make A Payment?

How To Make A Payment?

The process of buying a subscription plan is very simple. One needs to navigate to the buy premium Lovoo mobile plan and then choose one of the plans Lovoo has to offer. You may also choose to buy some credits instead. All you need to do is select the plan or the credit offer you like and hit next on the Lovoo subscription page. Moving onto the next page will require you to purchase by using one of the payment modes. Choose the most convenient mode for you and move ahead to make a safe and secure transaction on Lovoo. Receive confirmation by the Lovoo team and start enjoying your premium services on the Lovoo dating website.

Which Payment Mode To Use?

Lovoo online, unlike most dating websites, offers more than one payment mode. While Credit Card is the most popular payment system used in various dating platforms, Lovoo allows paying via mobile phone and PayPal as well. It is not common for young users to own a credit card, which is why the different payment methods keeping the varied age groups and global customers works well for the Lovoo members.

How Safe Is This Dating Platform?

Lovoo online dating app is a very popular name which means doubting its safety is useless. The platform assures that it does not use the information provided by each of its members to remain safe and unused. The website also uses safe payment gateways making sure that the Lovoo users do not fall prey to illegal money laundering. However, the platform cannot confirm anything about the registered users. Although it does take steps against users who get reported for their suspicious behavior on the platform by other members.

Is There A Scam That You Should Be Worried About?

Is There A Scam That You Should Be Worried About?

Although the Lovoo hookup website does not support scam, being a very popular dating website automatically attracts scammers to its platform. The absence of strict moderation and verification allows access to many fake profiles. But the website keeps an eye on suspicious online behavior especially when the IP address does not match the location the user provides. Also, the dating app becomes extremely stern when someone reports a particular profile. But, otherwise, there is not much moderation. This is why Lovoo online dating users should be careful with their personal information while sharing them out with strangers on the platform. Especially when there is a painful financial story involved.

The Features That Make The Platform Unique

The Game

Lovoo has a matchmaking game that allows you to browse through profiles of the opposite sex being shown to you by Lovoo. You may choose to accept or remove them depending on your likeness.


A feature named radar shows which Lovoo members are in your area and you can connect with them to quickly plan a date or just an outing.


LovooLive allows people on the platform to watch or host a live stream and earn diamonds for it. The diamonds can be converted into credits or even real cash.


Apart from LovooLive, the platform gives you different ways like surveys to earn rewards from them on the platform.



Lovoo is the perfect addicting dating app for the youth of today. Stepping along with the latest trends, its unique fun features make the app more than just a dating platform. Although the verification process may attract or rather allow many fake profiles, it’s easy-going vibe makes it a good place for the young. But what truly stands out is the features. It’s all in all. Lovoo hookup website may name itself as a dating app but it is just not so. It can easily be used to network with people around you in your location. And of course not to forget, you can earn while playing games. The overall design and the theme of the Lovoo mobile app are very cool and sleek.

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