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BBWCupid Review 2023

BBWCupid Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-28
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Women are more active than men on the website.
  • Although a premium dating website, the rates are affordable.
  • BBWCupid Online Menu has got most FAQs answered for quick problem solving.
  • Many features of the dating platform can be availed without buying the Premium membership.
  • Free registration.
  • Free unlimited profile browsing.
  • The dating website is available on desktop and apps.
  • The BBWCupid apps can be downloaded both on iOS and Android devices.
  • No tolerance for abuses and body shaming.
  • Only straight men or women can join, no options for different sexualities or the third gender.
  • Many fake profiles.
  • Many profiles without any photographs.
  • Compulsory Personality Test at the time of registration.

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BBWCupid- The Curve Spot

BBWCupid Review is about a niche dating website that belongs to the list of Cupid Media’s offerings. Taking from the name, it is very simple to understand that the dating website is for the Big Beautiful Women. Although this is a class of women who generally face difficulty in finding a partner because of their body, BBWCupid mobile is a platform that celebrates their uniqueness. While most of the women with large bodies have to face discrimination and body shaming, there are men in the world who fancy curves. With zero tolerance for body shaming and abuses, the Big Beautiful Women Cupid makes a perfect rendezvous for the big and beautiful women and the men who fancy them.


Is BBWCupid Trustworthy?

BBWCupid dating website comes from the dating industry giant Cupid Media, which has become famous for creating the most popular dating websites especially targeting various niches. Coming from trustable sources assures legitimacy but no websites can confirm a complete scam-free space without strict moderations on the users. Because it is the users who with their fake profiles try money laundering on various dating websites. BBWCupid Review confirms that each newly registered profile goes through a verification process before which the photograph of the user cannot be seen.

While the first time profile verification hides photographs, every new photo upload also needs to get verified by the BBWCupid hookup team of moderators. This indicates that not having a photograph on the profile has something to doubt. BBWCupid Review recommends that it is best to not trust anyone without a profile photo and be careful with sharing personal information while talking to anyone on the platform. Also, a knee-jerking sob story is common with the money launderers, you might want to reconsider your choice before trying to financially help someone with a similar story.

The Member Classification

BBWCupid Review reveals that the dating website is dominated by the big and beautiful women from across the world. Although there are more registered users on the website, there is a considerable number of them who do not belong to the BBW category. While the most popular countries on the platform were the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, there was the presence of other countries as well.

But comparatively in small numbers. The crowd is of good size, which can be judged by the response rate and activity on the BBWCupid online. And despite boasting of a better women crowd on the platform for the Big Beautiful Women Cupid has a good number of men as well. This is why the Big Beautiful Women Cupid is known for making long-lasting relationships along with connecting like-minded people for quick hookups as well.

The Member Classification

Most Common Sexuality

Unfortunately, the BBWCupid Review realized that the website only allows people with straight sexual orientation to make relationships. At the very time of the registration, it makes sure that people with no other sexual preferences are allowed on the platform. Also, there is no space for the third gender to fill the registration form that is there in the very beginning, a compulsory step to enter the Big Beautiful Women Cupid.

The Common Age Group On the Platform

The most popular age group on the BBWCupid online is the middle age. But that fact is true for the men only and not the women. There are more women in the age group of 18-35 which is the youth. Although there are people from other age segments as well, like the late teens, youth, middle-age and above. The minimum age to register on the BBWCupid is 18 but there is no limitation on the higher end. This is the reason why the website gets to see members across all age groups.

Making Registration Easy

While doing the BBWCupid review we figured out that the signup process on the website is both similar and different in ways to other dating websites. While initially, each member has to enter their basic details like name, email, age, and location, similar to other popular websites. The process extends to a much detailed step where the member is required to give a fun personality test. The test cannot be skipped as the results of the step becomes the basis of matchmaking and compatibility comparison on the Big Beautiful Women Cupid.

The sign-up process is easy and fun but not quick. Also, it is free and thus attracts many fake users who are in the business of laundering money. But the long process and photo verification step in the signup process stops them from making a genuine-looking profile. Most people do not trust profiles with a face and that is exactly why BBWCupid Review finds the minimal steps taken by the website work in its favor to some extent. Although it does not stop fake profile creators from creating profiles, they just remain faceless.

Making Registration Easy

Setting Up Of A Profile

After the test, the user is further required to fill in a detailed profile. These steps too cannot be skipped. The detailed compulsory profiles improve the quality of the profiles. Each profile is divided into various segments. While one is about the user’s basic information, the second segment is about his or her physical descriptions. Each person also needs to mention which kind of relationship they are looking for on the Big Beautiful Women Cupid.

A complete profile on BBWCupid online looks great with a verified profile photograph and a small description like the user’s bio and his/her relationship requirements on the top. The description section can be clicked to open the big detailed form filled out by the user for people to understand the person before connecting with them.

While the registration takes two minutes on the Big Beautiful Women Cupid, setting up the profile may take up to several minutes but the process is fun and simple. And once the profile setup is complete, the user is directly taken to the matchmaking section. It is where the members of the Big Beautiful Women Cupid instantly start getting matched with various people of the opposite sex. And because the hitching process is done based on compatibility, the compatibility percentage is shown as well on the other person’s profile to keep things interesting & fun.

Setting Up Of A Profile

Send A Word Of Love

There are quite some ways to contact a person on the Big Beautiful Women Cupid. To begin with, let us first know that one can make as many matches as one wants to but the matches are made based on compatibility. On the contrary, you may choose to use the advanced search to filter out the choices you get for matchmaking on the platform. The advanced searching tool, by the way, is free as well on the platform.

The detailed profiles are more than enough to intrigue a user’s interest in a particular someone or many. But the question is what to do when you have found a new love interest in BBWCupid dating? One may choose to let the other person know about their interest by tapping on a button that will notify them that you are interested in. And if the interest matches then the other person may start the conversation by sending you a message.

The message or the chat box is only available to the users who pay for one of the paid premium plans. But just like other websites from the house of Cupid Media, free users can receive and respond to a message from a premium user. The free account holders are only barred from sending the message first and which is why the showing interest button becomes of utmost importance.

Devices To Use

The Big Beautiful Women Cupid Website For Desktop

The desktop version is a classic way to use dating websites from a computer. It is comparatively safer as it is only the history that you need to hide from the prying eyes to save yourself from embarrassment. The Big Beautiful Women Cupid desktop website also gives you a wider space to see and compare more profiles together. And one of the best things about the BBWCupid online desktop website is that it is compatible with all devices irrespective of models, operating systems, etc.

The Big Beautiful Women Cupid Mobile App

The BBWCupid mobile app is what adds convenience to the website’s long list of features. The app increases the usability of the dating platform to a large extent as most people have smartphones for personal use. There are hardly any people who prefer desktop versions over the app versions. Especially when the subject is something that we would like to experience from the comfort of our bed, on the go and even stealing a few moments from work. The Big Beautiful Women Cupid app thankfully can be downloaded both from the Google Play and iTunes or the App store.

The Big Beautiful Women Cupid Mobile App

The Layout

The website design of the Big Beautiful Women Cupid is simple and focuses on dating and people of the opposite sex. The same is true with the BBWCupid mobile app. Available for free on the app stores for download, the layout of the app is extremely simple and may even look boring to some. But that is exactly the catch with Cupid Media.

They like to keep the design boring and simple so that the only thing the members concentrate on is the quality of the profiles on the Big Beautiful Women Cupid. And also the features to find the right partner. The experience is everything the Cupid Media cares about and that is why both the app and the website come with a user-friendly design of the website layout. Along with website language that is kept simple to understand for people coming from different backgrounds.


The navigation on both the Big Beautiful Women Cupid app and desktop website is kept very simple so that no user wastes time finding out what is where. There are different segregated sections for messaging, matchmaking and notifications. You can also choose to edit your profile and add an album any time you wish to. The easy navigation helps all the members of the BBWCupid dating use the features present on the dating platform to its maximum potential for finding the best BBW date.


BBWCupid- Subscription Plans

The Big Beautiful Women Cupid offers two types of premium membership plans on its dating platform. While one is the Gold Plan, the other one is named the Platinum Plan. There are three variations available for each of the premium membership plans on BBWCupid dating. The variations are based on the plan expiry date. One month, three months and one year are the three options every user gets to choose from while purchasing a subscription plan on the Big Beautiful Women Cupid.

Like all other dating websites, the prices become cheaper with plans for the longer-term. While comparing, we found the Platinum Plan to be a little more towards the higher end than the Gold Plan. However, the Big Beautiful Women Cupid plans, in general, were found to be cheaper than the plans offered on other dating platforms. Here are the plans and the price analysis for the Big Beautiful Women Cupid premium subscription.

BBWCupid Costs And Prices

The Platinum Subscription Plan

  • 1 Month – $ 29.98
  • 3 Months – $ 60.00
  • 1 Year – $ 120.00

The Gold Subscription Plan

  • 1 Month $ 24.98
  • 3 Months $ 49.98
  • 1 Year $ 99.96


Free & Paid Features

Things You Avail With A Free Membership On BBWCupid:

With free accounts on the BBWCupid hookup platform, a member can do a lot many things in comparison to other dating websites. The Big Beautiful Women Cupid allows replying to messages for free. Profile visits and showing interests to other members are also free. As a free account holder, the user is not even barred from viewing who shows interest in them. Browsing profiles and checking unlimited hot photographs comes at no cost. You must be wondering then why should we even pay or buy one of the Big Beautiful Women Cupid subscription plans.

Things You Avail With A Paid Premium Membership On BBWCupid:

The paid access gives you a whole lot of value additions and one of the main features that come with the paid subscription is messaging. The instant LiveChat box can only be availed if you are a premium member on BBWCupid hookup, otherwise, you can’t approach your love interest. Along with the messages the paid membership also lets you easily receive translated messages for a cross border love story. But, what’s best is the reach. VIP profiles tag firstly makes your profile stand out and build trust. The VIP profile also gets a better reach to the opposite sex with priority over other members, which increases the chances of getting hooked up on the dating platform.

The Payment Process

As purchasing a subscription plan on BBWCupid mobile or desktop is not compulsory, one needs to navigate his/her way to the buying subscription plan. It is not difficult to find the page on both the app and website interface. Once you reach the page, you are required to choose one plan from the 6 available. After choosing the plan that suits you best in terms of both price, duration and functions, hit the next button that takes the user to the payment gateway.

Available Payment Modes

On reaching the payment gateway, you will need to pay the amount using a credit card. The credit card is, unfortunately, the only payment mode available on the BBWCupid hookup website. Credit cards are a standard accepted payment mode on all dating websites and so is the case on this platform as well.

Available Payment Modes

Member Safety On The Site

BBWCupid is an SSL Encrypted website that makes it legit and safe for making online transactions. But if we keep the subscription aside then the users on the website too are always kept under the scrutiny of the makers. As the website deals with a sensitive group of people, discrimination and body-shaming are two things that the website constantly keeps their eyes open on. Although there are a lot of fake profiles on the platform, the website introduced various features for the users to judge every profile before reaching out to them. Profiles without a photograph is a strict No-No because all the photographs on the website are only uploaded after a verification process.

If a profile has no photo to show then it means that there is something to hide. The website also shows the last login time to check whether the profile you are reaching out to is even active or not. The platform has taken steps to filter out fake profiles from the real. But to not scare away the shy users, it does allow users to register without a photograph as well. But as this could lead to fake users, the dating website has given all their users, free and paid both, the right to report a user in case of abuse. The Big Beautiful Women Cupid is mostly very quick to respond and ban such users because if there is anything the platform prioritizes then it is the best user experience.

Measures Against Scam

The Big Beautiful Women Cupid dating platform takes measures to avoid scam without scaring away their shy first-time users. But because even a little bit of leniency can mean a party for the money launderers, the platform has quite a few registered. As filtering out the fake profiles is difficult for BBWCupid, it has allowed users to report one instantly when they come across. The makers take action instantly banning them permanently.

Compulsory photo verification on the platform also makes it easier for real users to segregate fake users from the real datable lot. But despite everything, it is always recommended that users on all dating websites be careful with their personal information and do not fall prey to the sob story of the money laundering parties roaming around on almost all online dating platforms.

Measures Against Scam

Unique Features On The Dating Website

  • Message Translation

    BBWCupid mobile app & website is accessible to worldwide users, which attracts users from countries, who may not be comfortable in English. In such cases, instant message translation, a feature that comes with paid subscriptions becomes very useful.

  • Showing Interest

    It is difficult to start a conversation with someone on the dating platform with a free account. The show interest button comes handy in this case and helps attract attention from the desired person. If that person is a paid member, he or she would be able to send you a message to the free user.

  • Messaging On Free Accounts

    While most dating platforms bar their free users from sending messages, the Big Beautiful Women Cupid allows responding to messages for free.

  • VIP Profile Badge
    The VIP badge is an interesting addition for the premium users on the website who get better reach but also gain more trust from other users.
  • Compatibility Score
    The compatibility score on each profile based on your profile and personality makes things interesting and may be used for conversation starters.
  • Personality Test
    The compulsory personality test is fun to take and also gives amazing matches as a result.
  • Increased Profile Space
    Paid users get more space on their profile to use and describe themselves better to attract more people.

Increased Profile Space

Final Words On Big Beautiful Women Cupid

BBWCupid is not the only dating website that allows women of big sizes on its platform. But, the website has created a platform for this kind of women to meet men who fancy them. The niche website eliminates the discrimination and body shaming part by matchmaking interested people. Apart from the niche, the various features like message translation, the verification process, the compatibility score, and personality test make the website real & yet interesting.

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