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Fdating Review 2023

Fdating Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • free registration, no fees for messaging with others
  • no strict rules for men or women regarding the registration
  • a straightforward layout and easy to navigate interface
  • present as many photos of you as you wish
  • other users will be able to check out your profile only once you give them approval
  • add to Favorites/Blacklist section
  • not very modern layout, which looks a bit too basic
  • a couple of negative feedback from members
  • a significant amount of fake profiles and scams
  • no matchmaking system, you have to search for others by yourself
  • users are not very active
  • no chatroom
  • half-empty profiles (users do not fill in all needed information about themselves)
  • too many adds
  • no mobile version of Fdating
  • the desktop version can be slow at times

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Why Should You Try Fdating Matchmaking Service Website?

To find out the latest trends in online dating, we decided to write a Fdating review. Nowadays, in the United States or other western countries, the rate of single people has increased and a number of people are looking for love as well. Because of modern mercantile values, people get divorced easier than in the old days. Still, people need to try their chances of meeting someone new again. Some try their luck in bars, some through common friends, some turn to online dating. Obviously, the online matchmaking search process is different from finding dates in bars or nightclubs.

Why Should You Try Fdating

In 2009 the website creators who had an idea of making love more possible have launched a new website called Fdating, which seeks to help singles around the world find a person to marry or hang out. Something that differentiates Fdating online dating from other websites is that it is the one that offers a global, professional and matchmaking service at no cost. Interested singles should create a profile through some personal questions, typical aspects such as their interests and favourite activities. A free dating site requires you to fill in your profile before you can contact other members. After having a profile, you can post your photos. It is until then, where you can start a session. The next step is to search for bachelors and bachelorettes on Fdating platform.

You can also view and send messages to others for free. No payment is required. Majority of dating sites charge excessive and recurring subscription fees. However, money is a problem for many people around the world. But it is not a case with Fdating, since as it was mentioned before it is 100% free, no hidden costs or financial traps.

What is the Audience Structure on Fdating Matchmaking Website?

On the left corner of a home page, you will find the following sections:

  • Chinese women;
  • Russian women;
  • Ukrainian women;
  • Brazilian women;
  • Philippine women;
  • Women from the United States;
  • Women from the United Kingdom;
  • Men from the United States;
  • Men from the United Kingdom;
  • Men from London;
  • Men from Canada;
  • Men from Australia.

What Types of Sexual Orientation and Age of Bachelors You Can Meet on the Website?

The website is open to all types of sexual orientation members. It also welcomes people from 18 to 99 years old.

Is the Registration Process for this Platform Easy and Quick?

Once you decide to register, you will get an approval email with your password details.

Get started at Fdating com today with three easy steps:

  1. Create your unique profile.
    Create your profile in seconds with straightforward registration. The website will require you to answer some simple questions about your gender, city, and email. After you agree to terms and conditions the site will warn you not to send money to anyone and if you a user is asking you for transfer, you have to report him to the technical team immediately. You will see this warning quite often. Describe yourself briefly, by adding information about your background, physical look and interests. In another tab, you can depict your ideal match. By the rules, it is forbidden to use harsh words, so be careful not to get banned. Once completed all essential information and personal details, you will get a confirmation email. Check your spam section if you can’t find it in received emails. The website will produce login details for you, enter it and start searching. We always recommend to keep this email for future, so in case you forget your login details you can always refer to the email.
  2. Add your photos and see photos of others.
    Add a smiley photo and search for members in Fdating extensive database with ease and a considerable range of preferences and settings. It will take around one or two hours to get your pictures approved. Nudity, celebrities or photos without a face are strictly forbidden.
  3. Start chatting.
    Send a message or interest to start talking with other members. As you already know, messaging directly does not require you to pay. In comparison to other online dating websites, where you can use a chat room or send likes, Fdating has only a direct messaging option. Moreover, participants sometimes seem rather inactive. After you drop a notification, you have to wait before someone responds to you. Often you are left without an answer.

  4. What is the Distinction and Quality of Profiles of the Website?

    What is the Distinction and Quality of Profiles

    Today, single men looking for single women online are common. Sometimes it might be difficult to stand out from the crowd. To get lucky on a dating website all you have to do is to build a good personal profile on a Fdating platform that describes who you are. In the particular ad, you can mention what you’re looking for. Majority of people do not complete the descriptive details about themselves (only age and country). It might be confusing, because you will have to surf through hundreds of half-empty applications. Do not be one of them and fill in your profile completely.

    To unlock your application utilize the login details sent on your email. Mark that email, so in case you need it, you can find it easily. And last but not least, you can see other members’ profiles effortlessly. So, go ahead, register and discover the wonderful world of online dating with Fdating platform.

    How to Initiate the First Move on the Platform?

    No matter your experience on dating websites, if you are looking for a partner on the Internet, you have come to the right address, and we will be happy to assist you to make the right conclusions in this Fdating. Aim of our Fdating review is to provide you with the most useful information about search possibilities of the platform to increase your chances of success. Some websites are created with a secure matchmaking system. Their search analytics system does all the work instead of having you narrow the field down from thousands of foreign men and women. It leaves it to a few dozen potential couples, creating a limited pool of candidates to match. For the coincidence level analysis, they use data from forms, data from fields belonging to interpersonal communication and relationships. But on the Fdating website, you will have to do all of this by yourself, because there is no automatic matchmaking process.

    Find people by their sex, age or even religion. But do not expect an immediate match, since members might be not very responsive at the beginning. Is it due to a significant amount of fake profiles or people just do not like to rush, we do not know. Our advice would be not to wait for too long for someone’s attention. Write to multiple numbers of profiles and move on once you do not get desirable results.

    What are the Unique Tools to Use for Chatting?

    1. Who’s viewed your profile. See who is interested in you. Information about other users who visited your page can be stored up to 30 days.
    2. Favourites. Add people you like to chat with. Do not waste your precious time surfing through them on your friend’s list.
    3. Email filter. Filter messages by age, picture, or address of residence.
    4. Language selection. In this tab, you can choose your preferred languages for site navigation.

    Old but Gold? – Design and Usability of the Website

    Another goal of our Fdating review is to describe how easy it is to use the dating website. According to our investigation, the desktop version is pretty simple. On the other hand, the mobile version is not available at all.

    Desktop Version

    Although the website has pretty easy navigation, which is a plus for some people, the design needs some improvement. Apart from white and blue colours, the overall look of the website feels out-dated and plain.

    Your home page shows you online participants and those who have birthdays on that day. Below it you can see newly registered users. Another thing, which might upset you is bombarding ads you will get visiting each page. Despite numerous disadvantages, let us keep this Fdating review positive and mention that if you are a fan of easy to use websites, Fdating is the right one for you.

    App Version

    No mobile version available.

    Real-Life Stories That Were Born on Fdating

    Real-Life Stories That Were Born on Fdating

    Let’s start with the experience of Ana, who tells that she fell in love with her current boyfriend, Carlos, after establishing contact on Fdating. They talked for a day but discovered that they did not live nearby, so the relationship began to end. However, they followed each other’s social media accounts and maintained some contact. After Ana’s birthday, Carlos ends up sending her some messages: giving her his number and telling her that they should talk more. They talked non stop for a few weeks until finally, the appointment was made in person. Although they have a long-distance relationship, they are thrilled with each other and plan to move together next month.

    Another successful story we got from Mary and Jonathan, who met after using Fdating for over six months. “You do not always find the ideal person after the first search, because there are so many profiles to see,” says Mary.

    At the same time, Jonathan almost lost his hope with online chatting on Fdating, but still he decided to drop his last message to Mary. After a couple of days chatting about their interests, they set up a meeting in the local cafe. Immediately they understood that they suit each other. Thanks to the Fdating website, they had many topics to discuss. Mary and Jonathan are not in a rush. They plan to date for some time to know each other more.

    Is it Secure Enough to Use for Online Dating?

    In the Fdating Review, we would probably rate the safety of the website 2 out of 5. Multiple scams and fake profiles, who encourage you to transfer the money to them are the reasons for this rate. We do not say not to use the Fdating at all, but extra care will never hurt.

    Is Fdating Relatively Cheap or Expensive Website?

    There are free dating services that have popped up in recent years to help single women find online dating. These free dating sites help online singles find love and romance at no cost. There are many online dating services in America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other countries in the world. Fdating website is also free of cost dating service. You do not have to pay for registration, messaging or any unique feature the website has to offer.

    Still Have a Question? Here are Some Answers to Assist You

    How Do I Change My Password on Fdating Website?

    Use in the menu My Profile button, then [My Settings], save your information. Please note that each change has to be kept separately.

    How Do I Change My Password on Fdating Website?

    Do I Need a Good Profile Text?

    Yes of course. Describe yourself as accurately as possible, so other users will know what to expect. So invest time and effort in a good profile. There are 1,000 guides on the Internet if you can’t think of anything. Remember to edit your profile as your life evolves. Dare to change some aspects because it denotes that things happen in your life that has been able to enrich you even more. That, besides, will give an exceptional added value.

    How Can I Update My Information on Fdating Website?

    Use in the menu My Profile button, then [My Settings], save your information after. Please remember that each change must be collected separately.

    How Many People Who Use Online Dating Fall in Love?

    Many different studies come to a similar conclusion:

    1. About 50% of those who want dating go on to get dates;
    2. Around 25% fall in love;
    3. However, many do not want to fall in love. They just want to have a little fun. Incidentally, the big losers in online dating are lower-class men who have little to offer women.

    If I Have a Specific Question and I Can’t Find an Answer Here, Whom Should I Contact?

    If you would like to contact Fdating technical team, please go to the Contact section and drop your message. You can also send Fdating an email with the full description of your issue. They are very responsive. Usually it takes them up to 24 hours to get back to you.

    Is Online Dating Dangerous?

    It might be if you won’t be alert. Don’t transfer money to someone you only know online! Provide only limited information at the beginning and never trust to someone you just met online. They might not look for love like you, but for a way to trick you and get money from you. The Fdating site warns you a lot about it.

    How to Stay Safe on Fdating?

    When looking for romance on dating websites for singles, it’s always a good idea to be safe, smart, and cautious. Never post any critical and sensitive information about yourself, such as exactly where you live, your last name, your home phone number, or your cell phone number.

    Is My Personal Information Secure on Fdating Website?

    Honestly: NO! Professional dating portals obligated to protect your information. But hacker attacks are always there. What could a bad person learn if he steals the data from your dating portal?

    1. Your email address and your password;
    2. The data of your credit card (or similar);
    3. But you probably also wrote that data to 100 other internet companies. And they could also be hacked.

    How Can I Delete My Profile From the Site?

    In case you have found love and do not want to be registered again or have an active profile on Fdating, you can deactivate it by accessing your profile, where you will find the option to suspend the profile.

    Are There Many Phonies on the Fdating Website?

    Yes, there are, and the website admits it. We distinguish three types of scams:

    • Fake profiles created just for curiosity or stalking.
    • Third-party phonies who advertise their services on a dating portal.
    • Fake subscribers, whose aim is to get some money from your wallet.

    Should I Upload a Photo?

    Yes, it gives you approximately eight times more chances to flirt. If you want to remain anonymous, by all means, you can do that. Create a profile without a photo and only send your photo when you write someone an email.

    Use a photo that cannot be easily recognized unless it contradicts our general terms and conditions.

    How Do I Erase My Photos?

    Your photos can be erased from three separate sections: from your album, from your profile pictures gallery and from conversations with others. You can delete them one by one in your account settings or directly from emails.

    How do I erase my photos?

    Is it an International Website?

    Yes, it is. If you are, for example, a Latina woman and want to meet an American, Canadian or European man, try Fdating search services. It will significantly increase the opportunity to find a man for marriage, to meet or to chat with someone overseas.

    Our Final Verdict about Fdating Website Review

    The search for love has undoubtedly been one of the greatest motivations throughout modern history for many human beings. Virtual reality makes it more accessible.

    In this Fdating review we discussed all the main features of the platform. Our conclusion would be, that the Fdating platform is a moderately reliable online dating service designed to connect single people from all over the world. Searching for an ideal partner on the Internet can be a difficult task for those who expect serious, long-term relationships. Of all the bachelors and bachelorettes you meet online, only very few will be suitable matches. It will probably be a problem for you to determine the level of coincidence with your potential partner only by viewing his or her images. Some believe that dating women and men online is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. You may not have tried this dating process before so that you may be confused, but it is effortless to find online dating these days. There are relationships created from these free online dating services. To know for sure if it is your thing, you have to try by yourself.

    To stop wasting time searching through thousands of dating websites, have a look at our review. Thanks to our exceptional team, you will save hours and hours making your list and trying all the dating sites one by one. All you have to do is check out our Fdating review to decide if the website suits you best. The platform gives you the option of searching the most suitable partner according to the type of relationship you are looking for: serious dates, compatibility-based meetings or passing meetings.

    In our Fdating review, we tried to describe all of its pros and cons, since you have a right to know the main points of it. Our general advice would be to give it a try. Even if you do not get the answer you were expecting from specific users, do not be disappointed, what you feel may not always be reciprocal. Everyone has their tastes, and sometimes the path is more important than the goal.

    F inding true love takes time and a lot of patience. Be persistent, and you will succeed.

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