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Mixxxer Review 2023

Mixxxer Review 2020
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Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 18-50
Profiles 9 874 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One can find a casual partner at any time of the day or night – within their precincts, with the GPS-based locator.
  • Mixxxer is based on photo sharing, and one can easily select their potential partner by gauging photos.
  • It offers a text chat function as well.
  • There is no bar on explicit photos, and one can share them with a full guarantee of secured transmission.
  • It further boasts of a ‘shower door’ feature, which is essentially present to shield one’s identity while sharing explicit pictures.
  • This app might not be for everyone as it takes a huge detour from the traditional ‘dating’ approach. It is only for people looking to get laid and have casual encounters.
  • It isn’t the platform for making long-term connections or committed relationships.

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The Goal of Mixxxer

Based on geo-location technology, this app enables one to find people looking for hook-ups in one’s area. Mixxxer, however, does not disclose one’s exact location. It finds people on the basis of the rough location of a member’s phone. The app’s primary focus is on finding casual partners via photo sharing. However, premium members get access to a text-chat feature as well. Moreover, explicit photos find no filters and can be sent without restrictions. They are, in fact, encouraged. Mixxxer is one of the only sex locator based on GPS. This Mixxxer review offers a rundown of how this app can be convenient for those looking for hook-ups and casual liaisons at ease.

Is Mixxxer Truly Legitimate or a Scam Service?

Mixxxer is an absolutely verified and legitimate online platform. Within a span of eight weeks since its inception, it found registration by over 100,000 unique users.

It is worth mentioning in this Mixxxer review that this app is completely safe, straightforward, and secures the confidentiality of each user. It observers strict privacy measures by not connecting an individual’s social media profiles, and it further doesn’t disclose one’s exact location. Also, it comes with a privacy filter, which allows one to put forth explicit pictures for exhibitions.

Find Your Partner Among Mixxxer Users

Find Your Partner Among Mixxxer Users

Mixxxer offers a great variety of users. Owing to the great features and the idea behind its conception, Mixxxer has been quick to gain a lot of popularity throughout the world and has over 900,000 unique members.

Since it is based on location detection, it provides ease of access and convenience in finding hook-up and casual sex partners for free in one’s local area and region.

Moreover, there is an option of signing up as a polyamorous couple as well. Hence, it caters to a large population of people with different sexual and gender preferences.

Sexual Preferences and Orientation of the Members

The option of picking the gender on Mixxxer is quite useful, and one gets to choose from a plethora of sexual identities. It is also receptive to different sexual preferences and lets people get registered as a couple and have multiple partners at a single time. The service is also friendly to kinks lovers. So, it is a very inclusive platform and is preferred by a lot of people.

Average Age of Users

  • The application is mostly used by people among the age group of 20 to 25.
  • Male members from 18-50 years of age are present.
  • Female members range from 18-45 years of age.
  • The average age of males is 25-35, while the age of females – 20-32.

The Registration Process

The process of signing up for Mixxxer is absolutely easy and smooth. One can log-in from a PC but will need a mobile to navigate the website. It takes under a minute to sign-up with one’s usual details such as name, age, gender, zip code for the site to detect the location with the aid of its geo-location technology. Then, one can proceed to upload a picture of themselves.

One can upload numerous pictures, with no filter or restrictions for explicitness, and can further utilize the ‘shower door’ feature to blur certain parts if they concern them.

This Mixxxer review guarantees that the process is completely safe, and users who are active and at a short distance from each other are matched.

Create Your Mixxxer Profile

Create Your Mixxxer Profile

After the initial step of creating a username, one needs to fill in details and upload some pictures to a profile. There is a mood list that includes options from dinner to other explicit ones. There are further options of choosing the body type, ethnicity, etc. In fact, Mixxxer lays great emphasis on details by providing options such as basics, looks, and details, which are extensive with the details they can offer. It can help a potential hook-up partner to learn more about an individual. There is an ‘about me’ section to be filled as well.

The entire procedure surrounding the account creation on Mixxxer is very easy. Moreover, owing to the promiscuous and explicit nature of the website, it provides extra safety features for individuals wanting to have a discreet identity and security. One has to go through the terms and conditions before signing up. There are privacy filters which one may select, and further safety for payments.

Chatting and Messaging

Much like the popular dating app ‘Tinder’, Mixxxer enables one to choose and match with potential partners by ‘swiping’ photos. But, here, the difference lies in the fact that one needs to click on a button of two people having sex, from the signs.

Mixxxer, to begin with, is an absolutely free service, and users can swipe and select each other free of cost. However, what this Mixxxer review endeavours to state is that, in a standard tier membership, photos are the only way members can communicate with one another; however, a premium membership comes with the added advantage of a text-based chat function, which can make the experience better.

Platform’s Usability

Platform’s Usability

The platform is based on great features, and it selects potential matches who are present within a short distance from the user. It is based on geo-location technology and has a convenient interface. Moreover, it has a no-restriction policy against explicit pictures, and so, people are encouraged to upload and share risqué pictures of themselves.

Mixxxer further covers almost the entire gender spectrum and tries to accommodate every type of person. It caters to fulfil the need of everyone.

Desktop Version

This sex-partner locating service is available on the PC, and one can make an account and log-into it via a desktop. However, to navigate it, one needs to access it on the mobile website.

Mobile App

Mobile App

According to Mixxxer reviews, the most convenient is to use the app, especially if it is based on a GPS navigation system. You can scroll in search of your potential partner no matter where you are. It is not possible to take your laptop everywhere, especially if you are traveling. So, the app is a useful option in most cases.

The Mixxxer app is available for both Android and iOS users. You can use the PlayMarket or AppStore to download it. It has the same features as the website. And its interface is user-friendly.

Design and Usability of the Dating Platform

This website offers the same functionalities and features as any online dating platform. As the popularity of those is on the rise, people are accustomed to the features they come armed with. Hence, Mixxxer is impressive when it comes to a clear user interface, which is very easy to get the hang of.

For beginners, who are in the mood to have a wild night out, or someone just seeking to have a casual encounter to satiate one’s needs, this site is a click away. It offers ultimate convenience and ease with the detailed options provided to be filled by the users so as to make it simpler for them to look for the right match. Further, the users can choose to share whatever level of explicitness suits their fancy in order to meet their match.

Navigation of the Platform

The site navigation is quite clear and concise. It boasts of all the standard features of a regular dating app. It is quite clear and easy to use. It has a simple interface of swiping pictures to match with the desired person. Moreover, the mode of communication is exclusive via pictures, but with the paid premium option, one can text their potential hook-up partner as well. This is somewhat a drawback, as texting is essential, and without it, one might be apprehensive about the person they choose to hang out with.

Mixxxer Costs and Prices

Although to begin with, Mixxxer is a free service. Most of its features are available in the free version. However, there are some aspects that further make the sex partner locating experience better if one chooses to pay to upgrade to the premium version.

In this Mixxxer review, there is an analysis of the costs and the benefits so that one can make a choice with ease.

As soon as one gets registered on Mixxxer, one shall get access to a host of free features, which include:

  • One can share as many pictures as they want;
  • One can swipe through as many profiles as they want and match;
  • One can use the privacy filter to conceal identity.

The paid services allow features such as:

  • One can send text messages to potential partners;
  • Unlimited access.

Paying for the Services

The payment methods accepted for a premium membership at Mixxxer are extremely simple and secure. There are two clear cut packages, one worth $7.99 for one month and the other one costing $19.99 for three months.

Mixxxer offers great safety and security in the payment gateways, and this process is not time-consuming at all.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

There are all digital methods of payment via Credit Card and PayPal.

Is the Dating Platform Safe?

Security and confidentiality are the key requirements of any website which deals with apparently precarious subject issues. Since Mixxxer is an app dealing with finding casual sex partners and exchanging erotic pictures, it is understandable that one might be concerned about safety issues. Moreover, it is GPS-based, so it detects one’s location to function properly.

However, this app is completely secure, and comes with terms and conditions page when one is signing up, and involves privacy filters as well. These filters help one to conceal their identity while sharing erotic pictures.

Dealing With a Scam

The Mixxxer reviews state that there have been no scams surrounding this great adult finding platform. It is extremely user-friendly and reliable, and has had no taints to its reputation so far.

Unique Features Offered by Mixxxer

Unique Features Offered by Mixxxer

This site has completely changed the no strings attached encounter game. People often seek casual relationships with no commitments or investment of time in getting to know their partner. This Mixxxer review assures that this site is one of the best options for finding a partner to have casual sex with.

Some of the unique features of this site are as follows:

  • No connection to Facebook

This website requires one to sign up from scratch and doesn’t hold it compulsory to connect to one’s social media accounts such as Facebook.

  • Location-based detection

This site offers convenience with its location detection and helps in finding a sex partner in one’s close proximity by roughly guessing the location.

  • No restriction on erotic images

Many dating apps have a restriction on the circulation and sharing of explicit pictures, however, Mixxxer encourages the same and poses no bar.



Mixxxer is the ultimate destination for those looking for sex partners, willing to be involved in casual sexual encounters. If one is looking for a long, romantic relationship, then perhaps, this is not the right place for it. However, it does cater to people looking for having some fun, easy ways of wilding out and satiating their sexual needs with a partner of their choice.

Mixxxer is available as both the website and app, which are very smooth in their operation and convenient to use. It is very transparent and offers the highest standards of security and confidentiality. One is definitely useful for those who do not want the hassle of chatting up and establishing some sort of connection with a person before meeting them and just want to find a hookup partner. It is great that this site offers a good foundational understanding and eases the efforts put in by people who are not looking for serious relationships.

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