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SeniorPeopleMeet Review 2023

SeniorPeopleMeet Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 63%
Popular Age 40-70
Profiles 230 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The process of account creation is very easy and takes under a minute.
  • Navigation is extremely convenient and makes it simple to look for any senior singles in one’s location, according to one’s preferences.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface and features such as audio greetings.
  • Further, in SeniorPeopleMeet, one can filter out the people according to preferences and age groups, suiting their fancy.
  • The search option is very restricted. It does not delineate matches within a particular radius, making it tedious to look for people in one's area.
  • The help section is not as interactive and elaborated as it should be, considering SeniorPeopleMeet is a site for target users over their 40s who might need help and online dating information.

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Some Background on SeniorPeopleMeet

When one thinks about dating and forming romantic relationships, one often narrows it to be something people of a certain age indulge in. Seldom do people think about those who are slightly older but would like to strike a dating chance. For this very reason, people might not be aware of platforms such as SeniorPeopleMeet.

This SeniorPeopleMeet review shall describe how this dating site is a great resource for people in or above their 40s seeking friendships, committed relationships, or just casual dates. SeniorPeopleMeet is a portal for online dating. It is the ultimate platform for seniors who might be hesitant to make a comeback in the dating game but are interested in meeting new people. This SeniorPeopleMeet review endeavors to outline every important bit about the site to help people decide to advance further with it or look for something else. This site is owned by People Media, a business with great experience in its credentials.

The Impressive features and the drawbacks

The Impressive features and the drawbacks

The biggest advantage of this site would be the easy user interface and other convenient features it offers, keeping in mind its target members, who are often not that technologically sound.

Other positives of this site, highlighted for this SeniorPeopleMeet review are:

  • The process of account creation is very easy and takes under a minute.
  • Navigation is extremely convenient and makes it simple to look for any senior singles in one’s location, according to one’s preferences.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface and features such as audio greetings.
  • Further, in SeniorPeopleMeet, one can filter out the people according to preferences and age groups, suiting their fancy.

The drawbacks of this app that might concern a few individuals are:

  • The search option is very restricted. It does not delineate matches within a particular radius, making it tedious to look for people in one’s area.
  • The help section is not as interactive and elaborated as it should be, considering SeniorPeopleMeet is a site for target users over their 40s who might need help and online dating information.

The legitimacy of SeniorPeopleMeet

SeniorPeopleMeet is an entirely legit website and has been the recipient of several dating site awards. It is critically acclaimed and verified. Since elderly people are often overlooked in online dating platforms’ demographics, this website was a sigh of relief in the dating environment for the senior people who often felt neglected or found it difficult to connect to potential partners in this digital age.

A noteworthy point to be stated in this SeniorPeopleMeet Review is that this site has thousands of unique active members and is probably the largest senior niche dating website. It comes with a user-friendly interface and a host of other features to suit elderly people’s sensibilities. This is to make their potential friend, companion, romantic partner finding process as simple and convenient as possible.

SeniorPeopleMeet is the biggest dating website in the senior niche market and has thousands of active unique members and millions of registered users. It caters to the demographic, which is often overlooked by other mainstream dating platforms. Usually, such platforms don’t encourage people above a certain age and sometimes don’t have an option to register.

Moreover, since they have been made and marketed for the youth, they generally have age demographics surrounding people 35 years and below. SeniorPeopleMeet exclusively caters to people starting from their late 40s and over and above that. Further, this SeniorPeopleMeet endeavors to mention the impressive 64,000 weekly active members on this website. Further, the website gets over 2 million visits in a month, of which around 1.9 million visits are from the US.

Sexual Orientation

SeniorPeopleMeet is an all-inclusive platform and hence is preferred by a large population of people. The relationship types allowed on the website range from straight to gay, lesbian, and bisexual. Other options also include mentioning one’s relationship status to be single, divorced, or even widowed. SeniorPeopleMeet is also receptive to different sexual preferences and caters to people who are gender fluid.

Age Distribution

The application is mostly used by people above the age of late 40s and above.

The Registration Process

The Registration Process

The signing up process of SeniorPeopleMeet is straightforward and clear. New users are supposed to fill up a standard registration form, which takes under 5 minutes. Unlike other mainstream websites, where one can be forced to answer multiple questions, SeniorPeopleMeet only requires the filling out of basic information. However, that doesn’t compromise the quality of profiles, as later on, one shall have the option of filling out several details, which go very in-depth to make their profiles more attractive and informational.

One can choose to upload up to 30 pictures of themselves. The process is extremely breezy, and even older people won’t find any catch or problems in the registration process. This SeniorPeopleMeet review guarantees that the process is easy and safe, and one can jump onto the profile creation part right after this.

The Profile on SeniorPeopleMeet

After registration, one can go on to customizing their profile to suit their preferences. The pictures of all users are visible, even to the free members. There is a verification mechanism to ensure that the pictures are not copyrighted or duplicated from the internet. That said, SeniorPeopleMeet does not have any strict profile verification mechanism, which leaves room for false information given by the members.

The profile offers several detailed options that can be filled by the user and can be changed later. However, fake profiles are also rampant on SeniorPeopleMeet as a lot of scammers put forward fake information to manipulate the target audience. It is quite important to beware, as seniors are already susceptible, and this SeniorPeopleMeet Review recommends that one be very cautious while exchanging any information with a stranger, not to get conned. SeniorPeopleMeet, however, does provide an option to report fake profiles.


Seniorpeoplemeet offers many different ways in which people can find others and communicate with them. It makes this experience even more fun in the form of games. There is a game called ‘Who do you like’ which gives an opportunity of choosing between two members from their pictures or choose none at all. Another game,’ I’m interested’ is very similar to speed dating. A person has to select another user based on their picture and some basic information and last log-in.

Unfortunately, although it has many options by which users can find their potential matches, contacting them is a tedious task. One needs a fully paid subscription to communicate to the potential matches and have a conversation with them.

Users can get notifications regarding messages, likes, and other things in their e-mail.

Further, there is a chat room. However, free users only have the option of sending flirts to a user to show their interest, as chat rooms, text-based functions, and other games are restricted to paid memberships only.

Navigation through the Platform

The platform is quite easy to navigate through and has been specifically designed to provide ease to senior people. This is in consideration of the fact that they might not be technologically adept. It has an easy overview and detailed options, giving a lot of information about a person in one glance. SeniorPeopleMeet is available for desktop as a website and has a mobile-based application for ease of access, as well.


This senior people dating service is available on the PC, and one can make an account and log-into it via desktop. One can navigate through the website and enjoy all the functionalities from one’s PC. It has a great senior-friendly user interface that shall cause no problems or confusion for any person seeking to join it, regardless of their age.


The app is as well-curated as the desktop website for seniors. Owing to the target group, the app offers big, visible fonts and simple to access menus. Although considering the target users for this service, one might believe that the app might be redundant. But, the features of the mobile app are the same as the website. Moreover, having an app might be handy since one can use it while lying down, doing other things, or even resting.

Design and Usability of the App

The SeniorPeopleMeet app offers the same functionalities and features as the online dating platform’s desktop counterpart. As the popularity of apps is on the rise, people are accustomed to the features they come armed with. Hence, this SeniorPeopleMeet Review assures that the website’s app version doesn’t stray away when it comes to a clean user interface, which is very easy for senior people to get accustomed to.

For beginners in the online dating sphere, or seniors looking to start a romantic relationship, or commitment, or simply a pen pal and a potential travel companion, this site is a click away. It offers ultimate convenience and ease with the detailed options provided to be filled by the users to make it simpler to look for the right match. Further, the users can choose to share whatever they are comfortable with.

The site navigation is quite clear and concise. It boasts of all the standard features of a regular dating site. It is quite clear and easy to use. It has a simple interface of swiping pictures to match with the desired person. Moreover, there are other entertaining modes of matching with potential partners in the form of games. There are chat rooms, as well.

Costs and Prices

Costs and Prices

To begin with, SeniorPeopleMeet is a free service. Most of its features are available in the free version. However, certain features and other interactive activities are only exclusively available to the paid members.

In this SeniorPeopleMeet Review, there is an analysis of the costs and the benefits provided by the dating service so that people can make an informed choice regarding the same.

The free members of SeniorPeopleMeet get access to a host of free features, which include:

  • Making a free account
  • Customizing Profile according to one’s preferences
  • Match search tool
  • Online magazine providing tips

The SeniorPeopleMeet Review assures that the paid version is averagely priced. The service allows features such as:

  • Sending and Receiving text messages
  • A call function which enables calling without one’s phone number
  • Getting to see which members liked one’s profile
  • Getting more exposure by being on top of search results
  • Getting to play Games, being part of chat rooms

The paid membership for SeniorPeopleMeet is available in a range of packages and options; there is a standard subscription for 1 and 6 months, respectively; priced at 31.96 USD for a month or 15.96 USD for each month in the 6-months subscription plan. Further, the value subscription for 6 months is priced at 19.96 USD for each month. Next, there is an option of SeniorPeopleMeet tokens, as well, which are available in the form of credits.

Paying for the services

The payment methods accepted for a paid membership at SeniorPeopleMeet is extremely simple and secure. The various payment packages have been discussed in detail, along with the features they provide above.

There is a difference in the standard and 6-month value subscription to the effect that; with the value one, one’s profile shall be exposed more, as it shall show up on top of the results and with a different color. SeniorPeopleMeet offers excellent safety and security in the payment gateways, and this process is not time-consuming at all.

Payment systems

There are all digital methods of payment via Credit Card and PayPal, even via cheque. State taxes are included in all transactions.

Is the dating platform safe?

Is the dating platform safe?

Security and confidentiality are the key requirements of any website with anything to do with an individual’s personal information. In addition to this, there is the exposure of pictures to the public, as well. SeniorPeopleMeet is a secure website owned and operated by an extremely reputed company with many years of experience under its belt.

People have to agree to the terms and conditions, and there are several privacy measures reinforced to ensure the utmost security of an individual’s data.


This SenioPeopleMeet review assures that as such, there have been no scams surrounding this great dating platform. It is extremely popular and has been included in several ‘best dating sites’ lists and been voted as the top pick by users in several previous years.

Unique Features offered by SeniorPeopleMeet

This site has completely changed the online dating game for the demographic of people included in their late 40s or above. Many times, older adults seek committed relationships but find it difficult. This SeniorPeopleMeet review holds that this site is a foolproof method for finding a potential romantic partner or a companion, with ease, for seniors.

Some of the unique features of this site are as follows:

  • The Promote Me feature

This feature makes one’s profile more visible and higher exposure. A user’s profile is displayed on top of the search results with this feature.

  • Gifts

Apart from the usual text messages, one can go a step forward by sending a virtual gift to the person of interest to gain more attention.

  • The Connect

Me optionSeniorPeopleMeet offers a great way of calling somebody without revealing one’s original phone number by this feature. This allows voice calls while concealing one’s identity.



SeniorPeopleMeet is a great online dating platform for looking up singles in the age bracket of the late 40s and above. It has a clean layout and is far less complex than other mainstream dating sites. There is an option of conducting a basic search by gender, location, and age. For those looking for more accurate and specific results, there is an option to include religion and relationship expectations in the mix for a good search result.

According to this SeniorPeopleMeet Review, what sets this portal apart from other platforms is that it truly caters to its target audience. It considers the lack of technological affinity of older people, making navigation simpler for them. Moreover, the website tools are effortless to use but don’t compromise on the quality of searches and matches offered.

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