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Waplog Review 2023

Waplog Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-40
Profiles 938 000
Reply Rate 73%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website offers multiple free features and tools of communication. Good communication makes the foundation of any long-lasting relationship. Facilitating the same, the website offers varied and clear ways of communication. Those tools include proper services of text, call, and video call.
  • The signing-up process is not just quick and simple, but it is free to register too. This further ensures that the process does not take a lot of time and makes it convenient for new users.
  • Waplog has yet another advantage that it sends instant notifications to your device of all the many messages you receive. Moreover, you can also receive notifications whenever someone views your profile.
  • There are several amazing filters supplemented for the users that they could apply while searching for friends as well as life partners.
  • The website is designed in a user-friendly manner and is very easy to go through the same. The design of the same is very attractive and engaging too.
  • With convenience comes a little risk too. The problem of fake identities and profiles is valid on online websites. People tend to use images from the internet as profile pictures to talk to other people.
  • The number of active members is quite low.

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What Kind of Dating Platform Is Waplog?

Waplog is a website where one can join in to meet new people to make long-lasting relationships. It is a platform that connects people from all across the world easily and conveniently to discover themselves and new people. According to the users’ reviews, it is an outstanding website that qualifies to be the perfect blend of a social media application and a dating platform.

With the means of making and building legitimate profiles, men and women can virtually meet and talk to each other online. This facilitates the process of getting to know different people and find different ways to work on relationships that would last.

For a better understanding of the working and characteristics of the website, let’s mention pros and cons of the service in the Waplog review.

What Kind of Dating Platform Is Waplog?

Is Waplog a Trustworthy Service?

Waplog is a legit website that provides a platform not just for online dating but friendships too. Most people join the website having good intentions for making good relationships. But with all the good, there is always a chance of a little bad too. To avoid the same, the website allows users to update their Privacy Settings as they like that helps them to keep track of the process of meeting and talking to people.

Variety of Waplog Members

Clarifying the picture of the membership of the website, it has an outstanding all world round impact! Waplog has users from all major countries from around the world. The website has almost a million users and, on average, over 30000 logins every day. The popularity of the same is because the website is not just a dating site but also a site where one can find everlasting friendships. People can easily find new people from their nearby locations or from around the world.

Sexual Orientation

Waplog being a friendship as well as a dating website, provides a wide range of sexual orientation for people to discover themselves.

But dividing the total users of the website, it is important to mention in our Waplog review that the pool of users includes a more male population than the female population:

  • 65% of the total people found on the website are male;
  • And that of the remaining 25% is composed of the female members.

Age Distribution

Age Distribution

Let’s check the average age of the members in this Waplog review:

  • The recommended age group for filing in the application is between 20 years to 45 years;
  • Popularly found female member’s age group ranges from 18 years to 26 years;
  • Popularly found male member’s age group ranges from 22 years to 32 years.

All About the Sign-Up Process

Registering on the website is very easy and is a swift process too. The majority of people avoid registering on such websites due to security reasons and because of the consumption of time. Both these reasons are taken care of by Waplog!

It does not take more than two minutes to sign up. The process of registering is very easy and convenient. There are two ways of doing this process, either automatically or it can be done manually too. The automatic process involves syncing in the account with your Facebook profile. This allows all your information details to be automatically used up by the website. The manual process is the one where the adding in of the e-mail details and other personal details are added. This process requires basic details like name, age, gender, location, and so on, and then you are good to go!

Information You’ll Need to Provide Creating Your Profile

Your profile is your first and last impression! Making a stunning first impression accounts as the first step to attract new people. It is always better to add in good information and details about yourself that would help someone to identify with the person that you are.

A few quick steps would complete your profile creation process easier. A little personalized touch can be added to your profile by adding a significant message or detail about yourself. To impress, you can even add the most suitable pictures that would describe yourself the best. Other members can find very informative and detailed profiles that further helps in identifying the nature of the members. This further makes the process of understanding and matching the likes and similarities among members very easy and convenient.

Information You’ll Need to Provide Creating Your Profile

Messaging & Chatting

According to the Waplog reviews, the service provides several kinds of interaction between the members:

  • The feature of live chat makes it very convenient for members to talk free of cost;
  • One can also create a chat room for a group of friends;
  • Instant notifications are in action when someone wishes to talk to you or likes your profile.

These features make the interaction between members very easy and convenient that helps the members to get in touch with people they really like.

How to Use This Platform

Along with the easy guidelines and steps, the website tries to be very user-friendly. Apart from the guidelines, the set of other rules and regulations seems moderate and understandable, which makes this website even more appealing. With the high-quality security and amazing features that this website provides, one can never resist joining Waplog.

The website has two separate versions of itself, the Desktop version and the App version.

The Desktop Version

The desktop version of the website is an interactive website that revolves around software that is not very complicated to use or understand. With simple functionality and easy movement, one can find their way with the website. It is not a very different website from the other dating sites, but the essence of the same is such that it keeps its members hooked to it.

The Application

The Application

With the ease of using this online service anywhere and everywhere, Waplog has its mobile application too. One can easily access the same using the Play Store or the App Store on Android and Apple devices, respectively. It is pretty much like the desktop version but only available on your palm. Again, this works on easy running software, making it convenient for its users too.

Design and User-Friendliness

The developers have put in a lot of thought and consideration while building the website. Be it the website or the application, and both are very appealing and attractive. With a catchy eye design and easy-flow, the website is outstanding for a lot of people looking for friendships and relationships. The software used is user friendly and uncomplicated, making it very easy and convenient for its users. Moving through the website is not very difficult. For the same, the guidelines mentioned further in the Waplog review help. Good security and a fun platform are what this website aims at offering.

Navigating through and around the website is very easy and convenient that makes sure that members can use the website to the best of their interests. With easy-going features and detailed guidelines, one can never get stuck at any point on the website. The rules and regulations of the website are yet very straightforward and clear, which makes it even more easy and breezy to navigate the website. With the concept of instant notifications, one can yet again make use of the website to the best of their interest in finding appropriate friends and partners for themselves.

Waplog Subscription Types and Costs

Waplog Subscription Types and Costs

To attain any service in the world, a fee for the same is to be paid! Similar is the case with Waplog. There are multiple services offered by this platform in return for a small amount of fee. Even though some of the services and features are available for paid as well free users. For instance, you can send messages for free on this dating platform.

VIP membership prices:

  • One month – $ 9,5;
  • Three months – $ 24;
  • Twelve months – $ 57.

After the slightest of being registered, there are a few services that are offered to you, these include:

  • Easy and swift creation of the Waplog profile;
  • The outstanding facility of chatting live with friends;
  • Using several amazing filters to search and browse an ample number of profiles.

With all of the above, paid users get much more than that! All those privileges include:

  • Send unlimited messages;
  • Experience the ad-free service offered by the website;
  • Connect and talk to almost anyone in the member’s pool;
  • Use the extraordinary stretched search;
  • Check if your message is read.

To avail of all the above services, one needs to take up a membership with the website that can vary from the number of months. There is only one paid package available, and that is the VIP package.

Payment Process and Methods

Payment Process and Methods

Saving you from the trouble and fear of sharing your card details and other sensitive information, the website uses payments from mobile phones! This is not just easy but a very fast process too. You are always notified 24 hours before your renewal schemes of the monthly, tri-monthly, or yearly packages that you have opted for.

How to Pay

Digital payments being a new way around, the website only accepts online payments through iTunes! To save yourself from the monthly hassle of remembering the date of renewal, you can even use the auto-renewal feature provided on the website. The same can be changed and altered from Account Settings.

Is the Dating Service Safe?

The safety and security of its users is the most important aspect of Waplog. To provide an effective, efficient and error-free experience of networking and dating, this website simultaneously takes care of its member’s safety and security. The well laid rules and regulations, and the terms and conditions stand there for this very reason.

The key to save yourself from all such threats and online frauds is keeping the presence of mind. In this virtual world of networking and dating, people tend to get into the unfair and weird business of making fake ID’s and hurting others. With the rules and regulations, the website tries to keep such people away from others, but, as they say, some people always find a way out. So with a little care from your end and the guidelines from the website’s end, this virtual platform is a safe and secured setting!

Is There Any Scam?

According to the Waplog reviews, there are absolutely no scams reported with regards to Waplog. Credits of the same go to the outstanding software and the excellent set of rules and regulations contained by the website. Keeping the same spirit high, this website aims at uniting more people worldwide.

Unique Features

Unique Features

For the provision of an outstanding and unique experience at Waplog, it tries to offer an exciting feature to its members. With this feature, the user of the website is made fun and interesting. This special feature is:

  • Waplog Story:

This feature of the website is unique! It allows users to post and upload stories from before the current day. With this feature, members can share their day on their profiles. These stories can be videos as well as pictures that make up the little summary of your day. This story lasts for about 24 hours, and the videos posted as stories can be about 15 seconds long. This gives the other people who are viewing the story an insight into that respective user’s life, which further helps in effective and efficient networking and understanding.


With a functionality comprising parts of a social media application and parts of a dating site, Waplog is the new, fun, and exciting way of meeting new people. It promises you to provide a safe and unique experience for all your needs relating to bonding! With being on the crossroads to the services that it offers between networking and dating, it has the advantage that people with both these needs look up to this website. From being free to offering several free communication methods, the website is completely a user-friendly website.

With easy and convenient processes of registering and making your profile, the website’s easy set of guidelines is always there to assist you. From finding love to finding friends forever, everything is possible on this website that concentrates on bonds! With a good pool of users and a variety of people, the website is like a party where you are always welcomed to introduce yourself and network with others. Hopefully, this Waplog review has sorted things out.

For a happy, loving experience, get your profiles ready to make a happy friend group or a lover for life!

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