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BlackPeopleMeet Review 2023

BlackPeopleMeet Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 53 400
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 5.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is the major and leading online dating platform for the black people in The US
  • The signing up process is rather easy and fast as well
  • There is a feature of posting either an audio or video greeting on your profile
  • There are different approaches for interaction within the same site
  • There is a whole different lifestyle, types of body and attitude
  • There are very interesting filters that come in handy during searching and activities
  • Presence of icebreakers that are built up in the users’ profiles.
  • For you to start a conversation, you need to be in the paid-for subscription
  • There is no test to get to know the personality of an individual
  • The site’s customer care is only available via the email
  • The features for matchmaking are rather weak
  • Free subscription only offers a survey on profiles
  • The options available can be quite complex and difficult to follow.

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What’s BlackPeopleMeet All About?

For starters, the black community has been on the news for the wrong reasons. Gangs, drugs, and crimes, and it makes us ask ourselves, what kind of change can we make to that? It’s believed that love conquers all, right? It’s quite hard for one to find the other since they aren’t as many in terms of population. But since we have the internet, how would an online platform sound like? To be specific, how good would a set apart online dating site for them be like? Let’s read on to see.

From the good work of People Media, BlackPeopleMeet is an online dating platform for the black community founded in 2002. This particular site tends to connect African Americans to finding partners or friends with less hassle. However, as the name goes, it is not limited to the African Americans alone, for it also welcomes other people on board. It is the leading online dating platform for the black people, and its uniqueness will blow your mind. Hang around to find out.

How Genuine is BlackPeopleMeet?


Depending on what interest you have to visit the dating site, then there will be different views of this concern. As for the legit factor, indeed, there isn’t another online dating site better to find a connection within a black community that this one. However, as we go on with the review, you can call on whether it is legit or a scam.

What Sort of People Are Members of This Site

We have to realize the fact the flow of new members is rather low compared to the competitors. Unlike in other online dating sites, people are looking for a date to wine and dine with, BlackPeopleMeet reviews clearly show the target group for the platform is a more mature pick. Speaking from 30+, these are individuals looking to settle down and start a family. The outstretched population worldwide for BlackPeopleMeet users is about 5 million, and around 900000 of this population are all situated in The US. The site gets 30,000 users who are active every week, and the ones who log in daily are 16 000. The site gets a lot of views, and 90% of those are usually from The US.

Let’s Take a Spin on the Sexuality Roller Coaster

BlackPeopleMeet Take a Spin on the Sexuality Roller Coaster

As you sign up for the service, you will realize that there are different approaches involved; men are seeking women, women seeking men, men seeking men, and women seeking a woman. With this in mind, it is only fair to say that sexuality isn’t that fixed on the heterosexual group. However, the approaches are all that matters since a man can be looking for a man as a buddy but not to be in a relationship with. It’s hard to make friends our here for some folks, so cut them some slack. As for gender, the women are slightly more than men, but the ration is almost balanced, with only 5% making the difference.

What Does the Age distribution Look Like?

Most of the users are individuals seeking to find serious partners ready to get into a relationship with direction. With this to comment on, most of the members are in their 30’s and 40’s. To break it down a little bit, ladies are the ones who are many in the 30’s bracket feeling maybe it’s getting late, and time is running out, especially for those interested in getting children as well. Men fall in the bracket from the late 30s further, at least most of them, as they feel like they have done enough in terms of investing and exploring too, and it’s time to start up a family and settle down. That is the reason the site gets lots of views as people are seeking for their matches.

Creating an Account and Logging in

BlackPeopleMeet Creating an Account and Logging in

The process is quite straight forward as it starts with your intentions – what you’re seeking! The LBGT community is considered here, but the funny thing is that married people have a space for them. In the next step, you will be required to set the town that you reside in and further provide your postal or zip code to back that up. The after-step is to develop a username (it can be a nickname, codename, or even your real name) and a password. You will be required to indicate your date of birth and further upload your photo. However, you can decide to sort out the latter part by linking your account to your Facebook handle and select a photo from there. Your writing skills will come in handy at the section you are required to write a bio about yourself.

Nevertheless, you can get pre-set types of personalities that can form your bio. The options include; whether you’re a family person, your education level, interest in food, your relationship and view of nature, how much you love books, your taste of adventure, you’re ambitions, if you are active and handy, music preference, creativity level and sense of humor. You can include all these in your bio so that in a nutshell, one may know much about you from a particular spot. You should ensure to be as real as possible, considering the audience who will view your profile. The signing up process ends with the question of whether you prefer to remain free or buy a subscription.

The logging in process is as simple as using either your email or username ad your password to access your account. BlackPeopleMeet reviews suggest that it’s better to use your email address to worry about having to remember only your password.

How to Go About with Profile Creation

The BlackPeopleMeet reviews suggest that many people neglect this part as they depend on their bio to sell out. However, there is some depth to how you can identify yourself with the questions that the profile can offer. In the section of about, you can express a lot including; what you’re looking for, your education level, the income you get, whether you have any kids, your ethnic group, your height, the color of your hair, if you house any pets, your religion, occupation that you have, your relationship status if you smoke or not, your zodiac sign, your body type, the color of your eyes, and finally where you were brought up. As a sub bio, you can include the type of person you’re looking for in terms of character and extras. In terms of the profile quality, the developers did a fairly good job, and the chance to make changes (if need be) is right there for you to take it.

How Do You Start and Carry on with Conversations

To begin with, the ability to get matches each day is just spectacular, and 11 to be exact is a bonus! You should also note that you can’t make contact unless you purchase a subscription for the free option that doesn’t offer that and much more. You can also search to find out which users are online to avoid waiting for replies for ages. There are different ways you can trigger a conversation, either by directly sending a message or by playing games. For the message part, you can simply send one or send a flirt. As for the other approach, games that you can play include; ‘I’m interested’ – Similar to the swiping right to show interest and might just be lucky to get a notification, and ‘Who do you like?’ – It’s all about comparison of photos between users. Another unique contacting feature is called ‘ConnectMe’ from which you can call fellow members but still keep your mobile number private.

What Platforms to Enjoy BlackPeopleMeet Services

BlackPeopleMeet Services

Resembling other online dating sites, BlackPeopleMeet also is accessible from your devices, provided the devices you have in possession can access the internet. You can enjoy meeting your date via your mobile phone, laptop, or even your laptop. To be specific on the means, you can either download the app or use the desktop version. So let’s take a look at how you can operate in both.

The Desktop Version

The basic advantages include the fact that you will be having a bigger screen view from your laptop and also the ability to surf faster across different profiles. You can also enjoy the messaging at ease since you have a bigger keyboard. You can easily receive assistance from the customer care desk since you can easily open different tabs, including your email (that’s how you can access customer services) on a laptop.

What the App Offer

Many BlackPeopleMeet reviews suggest that this would be a better option to go for. From both android and iOS gadgets, you can easily download and install the app, and it is free. The app can make it easy for you to play the games and access better premium features. As for the keeping tabs and constantly replying to conversations, the app makes it very possible since you can easily carry your phone around with you. As a bonus, you can read several personal BlackPeopleMeet from former users to know what to expect before getting the app.

Design Used in Developing the App and its Usability

The design used is organized, neat, and simple for any user. It is quite friendly, and most of the stuff can be accessed in the navigation bar, usually at the far left. You need not be a tech expert to know your way around the website for directions are very clear. The pace at which the profile pages open is very fast, making it easy to use.

Moving around both the app is very easy, either by tapping, scrolling, or even swiping, you can complete command and move forward. Sections are evenly partitioned and are easily accessible.

The Costs and Prices of BlackPeopleMeet

BlackPeopleMeet Prices

As many people will do, updating will come through since you can freely contact your crush. There are two elements in paid-for subscription; the premium membership and buying of tokens. You will be able to better your experience as you move forward to dating. As for the charges, this is how the premium membership is priced; $17 for a single month experience, $14 per month for the three months subscription totaling to $42, and $12 each month if you opt for the six months package that totals to $72. If you decide to go the token way, then the prices are; $1 for 25 credits, $4 for 110 credits, and 280 credits will cost you $10. BlackPeopleMeet reviews prove that compared to fellow competitors, these prices are on the lower end. This means it is quite affordable. However, there are no other packages unless you get a special offer that usually doesn’t last long before they expire.

How is the Free Different from the Paid-For Package?

For you to do much definitely, you will be forced to purchase a package to enjoy some privileges. With that in mind, let us learn how much you can do on a free account;

  • Registering your account
  • Creating your profile
  • You can get several potential matches
  • You can flirt with the matches that interest you.

Now that we know what the fee subscription offers, how about we jump to what additions you get by digging into your pocket. Premium services include;

  • Sending text messages to desired matches
  • You will be able to see which users have made you their favorites as well as the ones who’ve flirted with you
  • You’ll be able to send user matches some virtual gift
  • You can get a group of excellent writers to refurbish your profile and come up with something convincing
  • Your profile gets to appear in the top during searches
  • You can play a match game to be seen often in other users’ profiles
  • You can make calls and still hide your number.

How to Make Your Purchases

BlackPeopleMeet How to Make Your Purchases

The means offered to pay for premium include; using your credit card, paying via PayPal, or writing down a cheque (this is unique).

Payment Policies

Once payment is made, there is no refund. Make sure to pay the exact amount for packages, and in case you are doing so for offers, BlackPeopleMeet reviews encourage that you indicate that.

Safety Concern and Security Issues

This section is very clear and very considered. BlackPeopleMeet reviews assure users provided they follow the advice given for both online and offline.

For Online Safety

There is an option to report a profile if you feel as if it is not legit or has bad intentions with the platform. These reports are done via the customer service, and they’ll do their investigations, and appropriate action will be taken.

  • Meetups should be in public places and with a fairly good population around
  • Share the information about your meeting with a friend and family member and have their numbers in case anything happens
  • Do not intoxicate yourself during the day, maintain your sober stake to reason well
  • Drive to and fro the venue you agreed on if you can’t do so they get a taxi.

Is it a Scam?

BlackPeopleMeet Scam

There can be a couple of fake accounts since there is no clear means of verification and approval during registration. This can be a concern for many, but considering there is a solution for that, it’s fine. Subscription features work well also meaning it’s legit.

What New Does BlackPeopleMeet Bring on the Table

BlackPeopleMeet tells off how unique this site can get, using cheques for payments, having a focus on a specific ethnic group, and including features such as ConnectMe, MatchMe, PromoteMe, Virtual gifts, different already made bios, and ProfilePro. The vibe of maturity also blends in well as the site attracts serious people.


For a developer to focus on a single group, it made a good gesture. Having being able to find someone you can relate with easily and blend in with no hassle enables BlackPeopleMeet to make a statement in the online dating market. Considering the above features, are you interested in linking up with a black? What attributes do you expect him or her to have? Have you tried using BlackPeopleMeet? Rate how much you feel your chances of success will be. Leave a comment!

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