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Seeking Arrangement Review 2023

Seeking Arrangement Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 5 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Male users at Seeking Arrangement platform may build a profile and send a maximum of ten messages without paying
  • The Seeking Arrangement search method is extensive. This makes it possible for individuals to narrow down their findings
  • Female users use the website services without paying. Young girls that join the website using school email id are awarded the paid account without paying
  • The number of young users is higher than that of sugar mummies and daddies
  • The men are supposed to pay to read and respond to texts. This implies that there is little competition and many females can register
  • Seeking Arrangement features so many fake profiles
  • Prostitution is also too much here
  • All females found here look beautiful but their character might not match their beauty. So, users have to be extremely cautious

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Things That Seeking Arrangement Platform Does

As people will learn from the Seeking Arrangement Review, the platform was created fourteen years ago. The URL for the platform got altered to seeking.com but its logo and layout were left intact. It is a place where both females and males find sugar mammies and daddies who will cater to certain financial needs and mentor them. In exchange, the benefiting users offer company and interactions that last for days. People will also learn from this Seeking Arrangement Review that the service has a different explanation about dating. It doesn’t do things the same way as other web match-making platforms. The site provides a place where people can do things related to business and get pleasure also. People may get relationships where they will have genuine or upfront plans that fulfill them.

Is Seeking Arrangement Match-Making Platform Legit?

Yes, it is very safe for users, that may be confirmed from every Seeking Arrangement Review shared on the web. People are verified through photos. Users should, however, be careful because there are many scammers on this dating platform. To ensure you are safe, use a phone number and email address that you have never used anywhere else. People must also avoid using pictures that they have used on social media pages. That is because fraudsters may easily find you on social media and use the data you have there to blackmail you.

Platform Members

Platform Members

The Seeking Arrangement Review reveals that the users at the site can be wealthy individuals who want to support others and the young individuals who want to be supported.

Overall, Seeking Arrangement platform has nearly ten million users from everywhere on the globe. America has the highest number of users on this site. There are over five million users from America. Each week, there are one hundred and fifty thousand users at Seeking Arrangement website. Eighty percent of the users are sugar babies and the remaining twenty percent are sugar mummies and daddies. A single sugar mummy or daddy is supposed to have at most 4 sugar babies.

Seeking Arrangement dating platform is meant for certain people only. This is not a general dating place. If you come across this site accidentally, you are likely to dislike it. But it does well in providing a secure place for the type of relationship that it focuses on. And there are many users here which comes as a shock because it is suitable for only certain types of users.

Most people believe that sugar mummies and daddies are after sexual relationships. But that is not the case. Some only need people to watch over them. The same applies to sugar babies, not all of them are after money.

The users at Seeking Arrangement platform play two roles, the sugar baby role, and the sugar mommy/daddy role.

The sugar daddy at the Seeking Arrangement website is referred to as a successful member. This is a modern man whose state is refined. He is very experienced and possesses many resources. This is a person who is interested in a person he can share his lifestyle with. And most importantly, this person wants to have a meaningful relationship and experiences.

A sugar baby on the Seeking Arrangement dating platform is referred to as the Attractive Member. This user is described as an empowered person who wants a relationship. Whatever you may choose to call this person, just know that this is someone who desires new encounters and wants the best life. This is someone who will never allow herself to be constrained by the traditions of dating. This person wants to start a relationship on her terms and is ready to extend her horizon, goals, and desires. The sugar baby is also determined and appreciates the value of meeting a sugar daddy who will be a lover, friend, and confidante.

Sexual Orientation of the Users

Sexual Orientation of the Users

Sexual orientation is a pattern of sexual feelings. People can have sexual feelings for individuals of the opposite sex, the same sex or even both genders. See the three categories below:

  1. Heterosexual: This is when a person has feelings for someone who is not his/her gender.
  2. Bisexual: This when a person has sexual feelings for either men or women.
  3. Homosexual: This is when a person has feelings for people of their sex.

Sexual orientation often becomes evident at the adolescent stage or when a person becomes an adult. This often comes when the person has never had any sexual encounters. People should understand that human beings have no control over sexual orientation. It is something that emerges naturally and will never change no matter what. Many individuals who are not straight normally tend to hide their feelings or prefer to behave like heterosexuals. They do this to avoid harming the individuals that are bisexual and homosexual. Another reason for doing this might be to prevent any moral challenges when their status is not similar to what they believe in. Users may get several match-making sites that cater to gays and lesbians. And as seen from the Seeking Arrangement Review, it is also possible to meet heterosexuals, bisexuals, and homosexuals at this platform.

How Old the Users Are

The youngest Seeking Arrangement members are those between 18 and 24 years. The men are slightly more than women in this age bracket. A good number of individuals at the Seeking Arrangement platform are from 25 to 34 years old. The males who fall in this age bracket are slightly more than women. The following age bracket found on Seeking Arrangement platform is from 35 to 44. Here again, females are slightly fewer than men. The number of men who are from 45 to 54 years is also slightly higher than that of ladies in that age bracket. Seeking Arrangement platform also has individuals who are above fifty-five years old. The number of females here is again lower than that of males. The men on Seeking Arrangement company make up for fifty-two percent of the population while the women make up for forty-eight percent.



  • New members at Seeking Arrangement are supposed to provide their private details on a form.
  • The sugar babies get a premium membership for free if they register using their college email addresses.
  • New users can register with a Facebook account.
  • Users can register as a sugar daddy/mommy or as a sugar baby.
  • The signing up process takes five to fifteen minutes.


The details required to join Seeking Arrangement online platform are not many. Users only need to specify their gender, type of account (sugar baby or sugar mommy/daddy), interests (female, male or both). After signing up, sugar babies are required to specify the amount they want a sugar mommy or daddy to spend on them. For sugar mummies and daddies, they are supposed to specify their budget. New users at Seeking Arrangement are also supposed to provide an email address. They can even use a Facebook account to complete their signing up activity. Users who are still in college are allowed to provide their college email address. With this, they qualify for a free premium account. Seeking Arrangement hookup company is almost similar to meeting in person. Those interested in an online match-making style might find it uninteresting. Once Seeking Arrangement members link the service to Facebook or any specified social media page, they are awarded a pin. This is meant to show that the users’ profiles are genuine. People are additionally supposed to share a display picture. But the photos must be approved. This service can check if the images are real first before posting them. Also, to ensure security, Seeking Arrangement members should have their genuineness analyzed by a 3rd party entity known as Optimum Screening. Seeking Arrangement online platform does not get any of the data members present for background analysis. Members who fail the above process may not receive a pin and they will not get back the money they will have used for that activity.

Building a Profile

Building a Profile

  • Seeking Arrangement platform members may have inaccessible images. The members will only be able to see accessible ones.
  • Images must be checked before getting posted.
  • People can make their dating profiles inaccessible. To view such, an individual needs to request access.
  • Most profiles, especially those for young users are fake.


Besides all the data people give them during the registration process at the Seeking Arrangement platform, several fields need to be filled. Filling out those fields makes users get noticed more on the site. Those fields are not mandatory but it is advisable to provide enough information if you wish to get noticed. Seeking Arrangement encourages people to fill their profiles fully through offering boosts such as improved website coverage. Also, always remember that posting pictures at Seeking Arrangement will never cost anything however they will be checked before getting displayed. After getting approved, users can hide them or make them public for everyone else to see. Seeking Arrangement platform members can also make some sections of the profiles inaccessible. This also applies to display photos since you can have both the accessible and inaccessible photos. To access a private profile, a person should request for access from a user. The most current activities on the Seeking Arrangement platform may be seen on users’ profiles. But for those on the paid membership, it is possible to block the current activities.

Contacting Other People

Contacting Other People

  • Seeking Arrangement service gives the members match suggestions.
  • It is possible to set the search outcome to only view people that were active recently.
  • Using the Seeking Arrangement site messaging service does not require making payments. Provided your display picture is approved, you can send messages to other users.
  • Whenever members wish to communicate with anyone on the Seeking Arrangement site without a display picture, they will have to register for a paid membership.


The searching feature at Seeking Arrangement site is quite detailed compared to all other match-making sites. All the available searching ways demonstrate the level of control individuals possess whenever they want to look for a match. People can find a person who matches their needs easily. Users can look for people by searching where they stay. You only need to type the place where the individual resides. Write the name of that place, nation, town, physical address or make use of the distance from 0 to 250 miles. Registered members may also search for their match by using age, drinking style, hair color, height, education, language or even number of kids. This searching method makes it easier to find a match on this platform. And all those details are provided by users when creating a profile. Users who wish to leave a text for others on the Seeking Arrangement platform can do that at the search users’ option. Users may even send texts by adding their recipients to their favorites to prove to them that they truly admire them. This service does not cost anything, users only need to have verified display pictures. Seeking Arrangement users who wish to be anonymous are supposed to get the paid membership. This will allow them to communicate with other people on the site without a display photo.

How the Site Is Accessed

Seeking Arrangement may be accessed both on desktop machines and on portable devices.

Desktop Site

The PC/laptop mode of this site is simple to use. New features are added depending on users’ needs. Many of the added features are those users requested for. But the new features will never affect the appearance and feel of the platform. Users only get highly enhanced items that enable them to get a partner faster. Some of the desktop version features are: Images: People may upload up to ten pictures and might even decide whether to keep them public or private. This platform additionally lets people to rotate or crop their pictures. Search: People may get partners who are fifty, one hundred and two hundred and fifty miles from them. Searching can be done using zip code, nicknames, profiles numbers and more. Communication: Users can communicate by using save texts and winks. Additional control: Users can choose to receive notifications via email. There are even real-time website notifications that alert users when someone interacts with them.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

  • The dating app has the exact features seen on the PC website.
  • Using and maneuvering is simple with an app.
  • The dating app considers the phone location of the users.
  • The application layout is simplified and it is never congested.
  • As of now, the iOS app hasn’t been created.


Seeking Arrangement mobile app is so similar to the desktop site and it is a great addition to this dating platform. It is designed nicely and users can navigate through it easily. The dating app even puts into consideration the fact that there are old people who are not tech-savvy or cannot see clearly. The fonts and pictures are all clear and the layout is very simple. Users can access all the app features by using the navigation bar located at the bottom of the site. The dating app utilizes GPS when searching and matching features. Users’ profiles do not show where they are located, you will only see the city and the nation. Apple had eliminated Seeking Arrangement application from their store and most people got angry with that. Apple explained that this app encourages prostitution. But Seeking Arrangement Company is against prostitution. They even have explained that their company does not offer escort activities and they always advise users to avoid encounters involving money. No one knows who is saying the truth however people can always get this application and find out for themselves.

Layout and Usability of the Platform

Seeking Arrangement platform layout isn’t that complicated. However, some people may find it boring but don’t ever forget that they have old people too. The rich men and women are older people who may not be having perfect eyesight or are not active. This site utilizes the URL www.seeking.com. This URL might confuse but if you search www.seekingarrangement.com, you will automatically be directed to the previous one. This implies that there isn’t anything to worry about. Every crucial section on this platform can be accessed easily. All symbols and writings are very clear and every guideline is easy to understand. This makes it easy for every person to understand how to operate this service. Loading the online platform does not take long, though its app version is quicker than the PC website. Seeking Arrangement service is offered in 7 different languages. They include languages such as Chinese, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. The availability of many languages attracts users worldwide. The users join knowing that language will never be a barrier.

Seeking Arrangement website looks nice. It has a simple design and the quality of its settings proves that they have worked on the dating niche for a while. Within a few minutes, new users will have learned how to navigate through the website. You will never even need to contact the customer support team regarding how to use the site. Everything on the site is arranged perfectly.

Seeking Arrangement Charges

Seeking Arrangement Charges

The premium membership at Seeking Arrangement platform costs 19.95 dollars per month. Users can get a three months subscription which costs 44.84 dollars. This is equivalent to 14.95 dollars per month.

Free Membership Versus Premium Membership

Free users can enjoy the Seeking Arrangement website services below:

  • Signing up.
  • Building a profile.
  • Searching matches.
  • Sending messages.


Seeking Arrangement paid membership users enjoy the following additional services:

  • Extra privacy options.
  • Read message receipts.
  • Filters for inbox.
  • No adverts.
  • Improved search methods.

Paying Options

Money on Seeking Arrangement platform can be paid through major different methods.

Paying Methods

The platform members may make payments via options like mobile phone, PayPal Visa Credit Card, MasterCard and Credit Card. This platform even permits prepaid cards and upgrades may be processed by the Play store too. Payment discretion is guaranteed at this platform. Users’ privacy is protected by displaying 2BUYSAFE or W8TECH on credit statements. Users’ membership gets renewed automatically. But users can alter these settings if they don’t ever wish to pay automatically.

Safety and Security Measures

Seeking Arrangement service has powerful security measures in place. Users will notice that from their verification process that they are supposed to pass before accessing any service. The female members are equally checked to ensure that men will be dating real people here.

Safety and Security Measure

Is This Service a Scam

Seeking Arrangement service is fully trustworthy, this can be confirmed from every Seeking Arrangement Review posted online. It is one of the best web match-making services dedicated to old men and women.

Special Features That People Might Like

Seeking Arrangement service has special features that render it highly interesting and secure for all users. They include:

1. A blog This section talks about things mostly found in the Seeking Arrangement Review. Users will get useful guidelines on ways to remain safe when using this service or ways to get a partner quickly. This blog additionally promotes events that the users may attend.

2. Diamond account This Seeking Arrangement account is for old men and women. Users get this membership after attaining a particular criterion. To acquire it, a person must have used the paid membership for a minimum of two months. The users must have also passed the background analysis stage. Users on diamond membership enjoy all the perks in premium membership including getting a diamond badge on their profiles. Other features users can enjoy are a maximum of 20x additional replies from young users and prominent placement on the dashboard.

Special Features That People Might Like


Seeking Arrangement match-making platform is a safe place for individuals searching for young people and sugar mummies or daddies. It doesn’t even charge high compared to most match-making sites and it is simple to use. And as seen from the Seeking Arrangement Review, currently there are many members, this increases the chances of finding a match. Apart from all that, the website is simple to use, the old users will not have any challenges.

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