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SwingLifestyle Review 2023

SwingLifestyle Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 26-34
Profiles 67 500
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Very active members and detailed profiles
  • More than 16-million user base from all over the globe
  • Option to send and receive messages
  • Public calendar to set up individual dates
  • The travel agency
  • Regular trips and swinger cruises
  • Advanced affiliate program
  • Option to get the lifetime membership
  • Excellent design and user-friendly navigation
  • Official SwingLifestyle mobile app
  • No video chat
  • Users cannot see who viewed their pages
  • Free members can’t respond to messages
  • Absence of winks and virtual gifts to express one’s preferences
  • The profile photo is not obligatory

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A General Overview of SwingLifestyle

SwingLifestyle is an online dating platform that has been operational for about 19 years now. The dating site was created to provide services for people interested in non-traditional relationships and would like to pursue their sexual fantasies such as couple swaps and orgies. Looking at reports from SwingLifestyle reviews, the dating site provides the perfect environment for connections between people with such interests without them worrying about stigmatization. In addition to this, the site allows its users to join chatrooms and even organizes events that are all aimed at revolutionizing their romantic lives. Do you think SwingLifestyle the sexual paradise it claims to be, or is it just another scam? Stick with us as we find out more in this SwingLifestyle review.

The Merits and Demerits of This Dating Platform

SwingLifestyle Review

SwingLifestyle didn’t just get to the top of the food chain overnight in the type of services it provides. It had to attract the huge following it boasts of by giving users numerous benefits to ensure that they remained on board. Some of the advantages that many SwingLifestyle reviews highlight include;

  1. The site has a vast array of premium tools to choose from – Take advantage of this by upgrading your free account to a premium one and bring your dating experience to a whole new level.
  2. Affordable – Swing Lifestyle’s services are significantly cheaper than most dating sites offering similar services.
  3. Well-Detailed Profiles – The dating platform offers some of the most detailed profiles in the market. With the in-depth details that users are required to fill when setting up their profiles, it gets easier for them to find matches that they can connect with easily.
  4. Ease of Use – The website has one of the most simplistic and straightforward designs. This, in turn, allows people of all ages and from all walks of life to effectively use the dating site.

On the other hand, the site has some downsides, many of which are petty enough to give the cold shoulder. However, the main con that is conspicuous in this dating site is the lack of many subscribers compared to its competitors. As much as there is a significant number of users joining the site every other day, there is still a huge deficit in the number of people with active SwingLifestyle accounts.

Is SwingLifestyle Legit or Scam?

SwingLifestyle Legit or Scam

Having been operational for over 15 years now, SwingLifestyle’s reputation can convince anyone beyond any reasonable doubt of the validity of its services. With millions of followers to its name, it is almost impossible for a scam to experience such heights of success and operate at such levels for over a decade. Having said all the above, we can confidently assert that SwingLifestyle is a legit online dating platform.

Members on this Site

SwingLifestyle reviews show that the dating platform has over 10 million members across the world. The majority of these subscribers have been reported to come from the U.S, Britain, and Australia. They are responsible for hundreds of thousands of visits to the dating platform every day. These numbers are likely to double in a few years to come as the dating site records up to 6,000 new registrations every week!

Sexual Orientation

This dating platform has received numerous positive remarks in SwingLifestyle reviews for not restricting membership based on a person’s sexual orientation. The dating site facilitates groups for members of the LGBTQ community to connect and explore their sexual fantasies.

Age Distribution

Due to the open-minded environment, the dating site fosters, most of its users are young adults and adventurous couples with the biggest age group being between ages 20 and 45. In addition to this, male subscribers form up to 70% of the dating site’s membership and female users, forming 30%.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

SwingLifestyle Sign-Up Process

The process of registering a SwingLifestyle account is one of the easiest you’re likely to encounter in this industry. All you have to do is go to the SwingLifestyle website and click on the “create account” forum. After doing this, you’ll be required to key in your email address, the username you would like to use (has to be one not taken by another SwingLifestyle member), and the password you’ll be using to access your account.

After completing these steps, you will be required to fill in some of your basic details, such as your age, sex, and location. Unlike a good number of other online dating sites, SwingLifestyle won’t require you to upload a photo for your display feature to start using the site’s services. In a nutshell, signing up can even take you a mere 3 minutes as long as you’re above 18 years of age.

Tips on Creating Good Profiles on the Site

SwingLifestyle Creating Good Profiles on the Site

As we had covered earlier in this SwingLifestyle review, the dating platform’s user-profile is quite detailed and has been created so to help users know each other better before initiating contact. Having said this, it is only prudent for you to ensure that your profile stands out to attract potential partners easily. Below are some of the things you should consider when creating a SwingLifestyle profile;

  1. Upload a genuine and unique profile photo – Uploading a fake photo could lead to your account being revoked as the dating platform’s authentication team uses photos as part of the user verification process. Therefore, choose a real and flattering picture of yourself that highlights some of your attractive features e.g., beautiful smile or perfect body shape.
  2. Write outstanding information on your profile’s “About” section – SwingLifestyle profiles have an “about” section where you are required to give information about your likes and interests e.g., your hobbies, favorite TV shows, and sexual preferences. For you to shine in your interactions on this dating site, your profile information should speak volumes about you.

Therefore, avoid mistakes such as describing your likes or what you’re looking for in one boring sentence. Instead, take your time to communicate to your next partner the type of great person they’ll about to meet and watch as the site’s users fall for you.

  1. Remain honest with the information you give – There is no need to lie or exaggerate the information you volunteer as it could end up being counterproductive. For instance, if you lie about your weight, and a person meets up with you and uncovers your deceit, your reputation on SwingLifestyle could suffer a major set-back.
  2. Ensure that your nude photos are kept in a private album. Good practice in SwingLifestyle is baiting a member interested in you and creating the urge to only access your sexy photos after having meaningful conversations. This ensures that you only share your intimate moments with serious potential partners instead of posting the pictures all over your profile where any subscriber can access.


SwingLifestyle Messaging

Communicating with other subscribers in SwingLifestyle is done mainly through the messaging and chat platforms. Those with free accounts are disadvantaged as they are only allowed to view the most recent message and can’t access the previous message threads. Premium account holders, on the other hand, can get hold of entire conversations and are more likely to get partners when chatting because their “premium status” makes them more credible.

The Platform’s Used in the Dating Site

The dating site primarily uses two platforms for its operations i.e., the website and app versions. Both of them give full access to the dating site’s services, with the difference between them being the mode of delivering SwingLifestyle’s content.

The Dating Site’s Website Version

SwingLifestyle Dating Site’s Website Version

The website version doesn’t require any special downloads or installations for you to access it. All you have to do is search online for SwingLifestyle.com, and you will be home and dry. Once you access this website, you’ll be in a position to view all the services offered by the dating site from romantic stories to the steps on how you can create an account. The details included in this version are quite impressive, and given that you won’t have a hard time reading it on a PC’s screen, it’s the recommended version of the dating site whenever you are close to a computer.

Design and User-Friendliness of the Dating Site

SwingLifestyle User-Friendliness of the Dating Site

SwingLifestyle is quite user-friendly, and its design has been crafted to suit even the elderly people visiting or using the site. Even though its icons are not up to date, they still don’t prevent users from enjoying the remarkable services provided by the site.

How’s the Site’s Navigation?

This online dating site is easy to navigate and is also quite organized, giving users a seamless experience when searching for potential matches. All its key features are set up on a user’s left side, hence ensuring it is easy for them to find their way regardless of the page they may get stuck in.

How Much Would It Cost You to Enjoy SwingLifestyle Services?

Like most of the other online dating sites in the market, SwingLifestyle offers both free and premium packages for its users. As we had seen earlier in this SwingLifestyle review, the site’s prices are reasonable, with the main determinants of the amount you’ll pay for the length of the subscription package you want.

In the long run, it is cheaper to go for the packages with a longer validity period as it cuts down the price you pay for every month. At SwingLifestyle, packages that run for a single monthly cost approximately $15, whereas the annual packages go for $6 per month. See the difference? This even becomes better for those who would like a lifetime package, which costs $150.

Differences between Paid and Free Access

As expected from a typical online dating platform, SwingLifestyle provides both free and paid accounts. As much as they both belong to the same company, they have differences in the types of services subscribers can access. Some of the privileges that free account holders enjoy include: creating their profiles and viewing those of other users, joining group chats, and even uploading photos, among others.

However, there are some exciting features by the online dating site that can only be accessed by premium subscribers. Examples of the most popular ones are hiding their profiles from free subscribers, hazing out their nude photos, and enjoying some of the dating sites’ special tools such as “the travel feature.”

How to Pay

SwingLifestyle How to Pay

Making payments in SwingLifestyle is quite simple as the site has integrated the various forms of payment with its website to offer faster services to subscribers. After you’ve identified the type of service you would like to get e.g., a premium subscription valid for a month, the service’s price tag will be displayed, and you should go to the option of making the payment. In the example above, the subscription will be priced at $15, and after clicking on the “make payment” option, you will be directed to the mode of payment of your choice, e.g., credit card, where you’ll be asked to authorize payment for $15. You can pre-authorize payments made to the site if your payment method allows for such an option.

Payment Systems

The online dating site is determined to provide services that suit anyone interested and bypass some limiting factors such as a potential member’s location. Since some payment methods aren’t permitted in some countries, SwingLifestyle strives has opted for more conventional and standard payment modalities that can be accessed from any location in the world. In light of this, SwingLifestyle uses credit cards and cheques in its transaction dealings with subscribers.

Safety & Security

SwingLifestyle has always been at the forefront when it comes to the preservation of its subscribers’ privacy and the upholding of security within the dating site. Due to this, SwingLifestyle has put some of the most updated encryption techniques to ensure that all its subscribers’ financial details are secure and that third parties can’t access their personal information. Besides, the dating site has a well-established internal ecosystem that prevents hacking from external sources, which could occur when sending messages and emails.

Also, SwingLifestyle has rolled out an in-depth privacy policy, which tells of how strict the dating site is on working within the confines of the law. Any user found guilty of illegal practices or even going the simplest of the dating site’s rules is permanently banned from accessing the dating site.


Since the dating site’s inception over a decade ago, it has never made the headlines for any scam-related issues. The main secret behind such a remarkable streak is the foolproof security system used in its operations. As a result of these strict measures, there are several times that potential scammers have ever been flagged off through the dating site’s meticulous verification process, and legal action has even been taken against some of them.

Does the Dating Platform Have Any Special Features?

Most SwingLifestyle reviews show that the dating platform ranks among the top sites that foster better interaction of their members through special and unique features. Some of such features that are exclusive to SwingLifestyle include;

  1. Travel – With over ten years of providing services in the lifestyle and travel industry, this dating site created its traveling agency that has been tailored for its subscribers. From indoor parties and game park tours to cruises to over-seas destinations, the dating site uses this feature to provide one-of-a-kind meeting events for swingers to bond and hook up.
  2. Hot Date – This refers to a type of calendar in the online dating site’s homepage where subscribers can notify other users when they’re free to meet. It can also work the other way round where you can go to search for a free SwingLifestyle user on a particular date.
  3. Swinger Clubs – The online dating site provides its subscribers with maps to where they can find clubs that facilitate swinger services. However, it’s good to note that it wasn’t developed by SwingLifestyle alone.


Generally, SwingLifestyle is an exceptional online dating platform for linking people with the same sexual perspective and desires. As we’ve seen from this SwingLifestyle review, the dating site may have some downsides, but if you look at the myriads of features and benefits it offers, you will surely get value for your money if you subscribe to it. From erotic tales to access to premium sex toys, there’s just so much you can enjoy from the site in addition to interactivity.

Having said all the above, if you’re in a relationship and want to spice things up in the bedroom with another couple, why don’t you try out SwingLifestyle?

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